MultiMerch 8.4 Released

Happy to let you know that MultiMerch Marketplace 8.4 is now available in your MultiMerch accounts! Here are some of the highlights of the new version.

Vendor group selection on signup

Marketplace owners can now allow vendors choose their group when applying for a vendor account. If the vendor group has a signup fee defined, vendors will have to make a payment before their account is activated.

Category-based commissions

We now give marketplace owner more controls over commissions by introducing category-based commissions. It's now possible to specify listing and sale fees for individual categories in addition to vendor groups and vendors.

Multilanguage vendor descriptions

If you're running a marketplace with multiple languages enabled, your vendors will now be able to describe their store in different languages to make them more friendly to foreign customers.

Digital and free products

It's now possible to allow vendors create digital (no shipping required) and free (zero price) products to make it easier to use MultiMerch for digital marketplaces.

More control over product publishing form

MultiMerch settings now make it possible to show/hide pretty much all of OpenCart's regular product fields including images, price, categories and quantities. If you need to give your vendors This makes it possible to keep your product publishing forms as lite as possible should you decide to give your vendors an even more straight forward publishing experience.

Vendor group level settings

We've implemented a new system for vendor group settings. This means it's now much easier to create various group-level settings and restrictions such as maximum product numbers that will be applied to all vendors within a given group.


The new release is a Beta version at the moment so make sure to make backups before updating and don't hesitate to share your feedback with us!

MultiMerch Improvement Fridays

Friday's here!

At MultiMerch we're constantly working on larger things and major features that often take multiple weeks to complete. While this is great and all, it sometimes causes minor bugfixes and smaller improvements to get lost amid major development processes and take longer to make it into MultiMerch releases.

No more, though – because minor things are as important as larger ones! Therefore, we've decided to make Friday the day to focus on smaller things and just get them done. We'll then be rolling out the new MultiMerch version over the weekend so it's available to MultiMerch users on Monday.

Today, we have about a dozen various smaller tasks, improvements and bugfixes on our roadmap that we intend to work on and get done – debug page improvements, product-related bugfixes, design and styling tweaks and a few extras. If there's anything else in MultiMerch that's been bothering you for a while – let me know and I'll add them to our Friday sprint!

P.S. MultiMerch vendors will soon be able to choose vendor groups on signups,  have multilingual descriptions and use category-based commission rates. Stay tuned :)

MultiMerch Development Newsletter #10

Good morning and good Monday!

The last few weeks at MultiMerch have been mostly about MultiMerch combined shipping and bugfixes. MultiMerch is available for download in your accounts starting today.

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Combined Shipping in MultiMerch 8.3

Martin here welcoming you to 2017!

First and foremost, I'd like to wish you all a great and productive year – both in business and in personal lives. Don't let yourselves get caught in a rut (I'm often guilty of this myself and I don't recommend this) and remember to take breaks and enjoy life.

Second, MultiMerch 8.3 is now available in your MultiMerch accounts featuring combined weight-based shipping and shipping overrides for individual products as well as various bugfixes and minor updates!

This is a major part of the new MultiMerch Shipping system as it saves vendors huge amount of time and effort by letting them specify their delivery rules once instead of having to do this over and over again for each individual product – so, I'm really happy that it's now available to all our MultiMerch users.

Here's a short preview of the new MultiMerch 8.3 functionality and we've also updated our MultiMerch Shipping tutorial with the new combined features:

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Happy Holidays from MultiMerch


Hi guys,

While we have some exciting MultiMerch updates coming up, I'll share more of this bit later.

Today, I would just like to thank you for being with us and wish you a wonderful holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!