How to choose a great OpenCart theme in 2018?

Are you planning to use OpenCart to build your next online store?

In this case, a good OpenCart theme will be among the very first things you'll need.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of OpenCart themes available on ThemeForest and third party marketplaces.

Unfortunately, many of them just aren't good.

In this guide, I'll try to cover some of the most important steps you'll go through when choosing an OpenCart theme.

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Which OpenCart version should you use (and how to find yours)?

There are 3 major OpenCart versions out there available to choose from.

What's the difference between them? Which version should you be using?

And if you already have an online store with OpenCart – how do you find out, which version you're using?

In this quick guide, I'll try to cover the differences between OpenCart versions and help you choose the right one.

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What is OpenCart (and should you use it)?

MultiMerch is an online marketplace solution for OpenCart.

"What is OpenCart?" is the first question we get from marketplace owners who come from different systems or industries.

In this blog post, I tried to answer your questions and cover all things OpenCart – from its history and technical specifications to pricing, themes, extensions and suggestions for alternatives.

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What's new and improved in MultiMerch 8.14: dashboards, maps, SEO

You've been telling us that MultiMerch dashboards and seller lists look a bit boring.

We also heard that it would be nice to see sellers on a map and that having Google and Facebook display shared product pages with rich snippets would make it so much better.


All this – and other exciting things – are now available in MultiMerch 8.14!

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