MultiMerch February Recap and Future Roadmap

February is almost over so it's about time to look back and sum up what we've done this month to make MultiMerch better.

I also want to share some insight here on what's coming up next.


We've hired another developer to help us improve MultiMerch so February has been a productive month with more than a hundred Git commits and 4 releases. While most of them were bugfix and minor updates, we've also introduced some of the major things in MultiMerch in February.

This is a short update summary:

  • Vendors can now create their own attributes and options for products (more on this shortly)
  • It's now possible to specify fixed rates for weight based shipping in addition to cost per weight unit
  • We've fixed quite a few issues related to checkout and commission calculation
  • PayPal Adaptive now works as expected with MultiMerch Shipping
  • There are now many extra user input checks and warnings when saving various forms to prevent unexpected behavior
  • The team has worked hard hunting bugs and minor issues so MultiMerch is now much more stable

As always, you can find the complete and detailed information on new and past releases on our Changelog page.


There have been a few updates to theme compatibility packages, but we have plans to work on them more actively in the future since there are still some issues with the popular themes such as Journal.

Still, MultiMerch theme integration files offer almost complete compatibility with the following OpenCart themes:

  • Journal2
  • ShopMe
  • Shoppica
  • Pavilion
  • Technopolis
  • Kiddos
  • Trendo

We'll be publishing a series of blog posts covering MultiMerch compatibility with the popular themes in the near future.


As you may know, we're offering a number of translations as part of our Professional package. In February, we've added a few new translations to our list so the full translation list now looks like this:

  • Arabic
  • Brazilian
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian

We'll be adding more translations shortly so if you're looking for a specific one, let me know!


In addition to our regular support and updates, MultiMerch now offers a number of services for MultiMerch & OpenCart users, including setup & integration, search engine optimization, performance reviews and consulting.

If there's something we can do for you, feel free to check our Services page and get in touch!


If you're curious as to what we have planned for March, here comes the exciting part. These are some of the MultiMerch things we plan to work on in March (and possibly April – no fixed deadlines yet):

  • Allowing vendors to create their own categories – you can expect this one really soon
  • Preapproved payments for PayPal Adaptive – you'll now be able to use Preapproved chained payments to multiple receivers with MultiMerch
  • Import/export system – letting vendors import products and export sales data is a major milestone we're currently working towards
  • MultiMerch website and app UI overhaul – we're a bit dated and not as user friendly as we could be, but this will soon change. This also includes massive improvements to vendor dashboards
  • Messaging system improvements to make it easier for vendors and customers to discuss their business onsite
  • Order and suborder management system improvements
  • Theme integration improvements
  • Faster support – we'll soon have more people monitoring our support mailbox
  • More translations
  • More content

Some things will probably change, but this is a rough roadmap for March so you know what to expect in March in general.

If there's anything else you're curious about, feel free to let me know in comments!

MultiMerch 8.5.2 update is now available!

Did you know that M in Monday stands for MultiMerch?

We've just released MultiMerch 8.5.2, which is a bugfix update to MultiMerch 8.5. However, there's lots of things in it – check it out:

OpenCart coupon and voucher fixes/warnings

OpenCart coupons are designed for single vendor shopping carts and may behave incorrectly in multivendor environments. This update makes it possible to use % coupons in multivendor shopping carts – the coupon % is applied to all products in cart – and adds a warning for fixed price coupons which can't be used for multivednor carts.

Fixed PayPal Adaptive checkout commission calculation

MultiMerch 8.5.2 makes it possible to use MultiMerch PayPal Adaptive payments correctly again with MultiMerch Shipping enabled by introducing fixes to Adaptive commission calculation at checkout.

Customer's currency in Shipping checkout step

MultiMerch uses store currency in internal vendor account interfaces, but customer's currency should be used in all front-facing interfaces, including MultiMerch Shipping step at checkout. MultiMerch 8.5.2 fixes this behavior.

"File" type option fixes and updates

It has been possible for vendors to use "File" type options when creating products for a long time, but really difficult to see the actual files uploaded by customers when purchasing products. Starting with 8.5.2, customers' files are now visible in vendor dashboards and order details as well as in "New order" emails.

Various bugfixes

In addition to the major fixes, MultiMerch 8.5.2 introduces a number of minor updates and bugfixes related to language/translation strings, product fields and emails. Here's the complete 8.5.2 changelog:


2017-02-13 Version 8.5.2 changelog

  • Fixed PayPal Adaptive checkout commission calculation
  • Fixed % coupon application to vendor balances
  • Replaced store default currency with customer's currency in "Shipping" checkout step
  • Added fixed coupon and voucher warning for multivendor carts
  • Fixed "required" field missing bug when saving specific product options
  • Fixed "file" type option values not being displayed to vendors in dashboard & order emails
  • Fixed "out of stock" status being set to 0 when field disabled – now using the first available status
  • Fixed "loading" button captions
  • Fixed missing translation strings in vendor accounts
  • Fixed incorrect status in "vendor account modified" emails to vendors
  • Replaced MultiMerch text strings with OpenCart ones in "customer" part of the Account sidebar module
  • Various minor fixes


P.S. Even though it's a stable version of MultiMerch, we always recommend making backups before updating. Theme integrations and translations will be updated to 8.5.2 within the next few days :)

MultiMerch Development Newsletter #12


From now on we'll try to release a minor update of MultiMerch every week and a major one every other week.

So, last week we've been working on some minor updates and bugfixes. The new MultiMerch is now available in your accounts and here's what's in it:

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MultiMerch 8.5 Available!

Happy Friday!

By the way, we've just released MultiMerch Marketplace 8.5 – you can now all download it from your MultiMerch accounts. Here's what's new and improved:

Base rate for combined shipping rules

Vendors can now specify a base rate for each combined shipping rule. This means MultiMerch will apply it to vendor's cart as is instead of using a "cost per weight" calculation. The latter one is still possible, too!

Default weight measurement for combined shipping rules

MultiMerch will now use store's default weight measurement for all vendor shipping rules instead of having vendors select the same measurement for each rule individually. This saves vendors extra time when creating rules and is also in line with OpenCart's default "weight-based shipping settings".

Additional vendor controls for marketplace admins

Marketplace administrators will now have access to more information about the vendor when editing vendor accounts, such as products, transactions, payments & payment requests and more. We'll be expanding this list with additional info such as orders, ratings and PM conversations in the near future.

Removing payment requests and payments

It is now possible for the marketplace admin to delete unneeded payment requests and payments in MultiMerch. We're also working on a new "Manual payment" gateway that will make it possible to mark payment requests as paid manually.

Logging and debug improvements

MultiMerch 8.5 makes it possible to specify filenames for MultiMerch log files and adds more debug information to various transaction and order-related functions to make it easier to debug and fix issues caused by third party themes and plugins. MultiMerch will now also list server errors in addition to OpenCart and vQmod errors in the MultiMerch Debug area for easier debugging.

More input validation and notices

We've introduced a new set of input validation routines to MultiMerch shipping configuration and a few other areas that will help the users configure MultiMerch correctly instead of clearing incorrect inputs on submission to make the process of configuring MultiMerch more user friendly.

Various minor improvements and bugfixes

As always, we've been listening to your feedback, fixing bugs and implementing improvements throughout MultiMerch. I really appreciate all of your feedback – keep it coming!

P.S. Even though it's a stable version of MultiMerch, please do make backups before updating – we recommend doing this as often as possible anyway :)

P.P.S. As usual, you can always keep track of the latest MultiMerch changes in our Changelog here: