50 Most Popular OpenCart Websites


OpenCart is an open-source PHP based e-commerce software that enables you to set up your own online store and run your online business cost effectively. This shopping cart solution is most suitable for small and medium sized online stores.

This software has many benefits such as simplicity and ease of use, free cost-effective themes, multiple payment gateways, free support and software updates and more. It's not without flaws, though.

To help you decide whether it's for you, we've analyzed more than 200,000 OpenCart-powered stores and created a list of the 50 most popular OpenCart websites based on Alexa rank. We've also included the name of the OpenCart theme that is used by each of the stores.

Scroll down for the list and details and don't forget to tell us what you think of this in the comments. Definitely let us know if you have other great examples of OpenCart being used in popular online stores.

1. AskMeBazaar.com


Theme used: skis-pro

AskMeBazaar is India's premier online marketplace where sellers from across India can open their online store and display all their products for free. Vendors can sell their products with zero upfront investment paying only fixed fees for transaction processing.

In this store you can find various Indian brands as well as unbranded goods, local specialties, special festival offers and even you can bargain before completing the purchase.

AskMeBazaar guarantees every purchase with its unique trust seal and allows user ratings on every seller and their products.


2. Poorvikamobile.com


Theme used: journal2

Poorvika Mobiles Pvt Ltd., Headquartered in Chennai, India, is a leading multi-brand retail chain that deals with mobile phones and mobile accessories as well as internet data cards.

Founded in 2004, Poorvika prides itself on its deep understanding of their customer’s needs and well-trained staff. A workforce of over 3500 knowledgeable and committed professionals sets apart Poorvika from other retail chains by ensuring each customer who walks into a Showroom is attended to with the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and service.

This particular store uses the popular Journal2 as their theme. MultiMerch offers a separate integration pack for Journal2 and MultiMerch Marketplace.


3. Menegin.com


Theme used: pavilion

Iran's leading online shopping website offering quality electronics with special dedication to customer satisfaction. Menegin also offers various festival discounts, specials of the day and photography contests and is getting constantly updated.

This website is powered by the popular Pavilion theme that is also compatible with MultiMerch.


4. WholeSaleBox.in

4 Wholesalebox

Theme used: custom

WholeSaleBox is a store designed for wholesale buying and selling across India where retailers are able to purchase directly at bulk factory prices.

The retailers can take advantage of the web interface to purchase products for their retail outlets and get those without having to travel to different cities / manufacturing hubs or to buy at much higher prices from the wholesalers near them.

Wholesalebox put the entire wholesale buying process online to enable manufacturers & brands and retailers to drive incremental revenue, cut costs, improve their customer experience and analyze performance through data analytics.


5. HodHodMarket.com

5 Hodhodmarkete

Theme used: megashop

HodHod was launched in 1994 and offers quality cosmetic products. All products offered at the store are certified by Ministry of Health. Famous brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Gucci can be found on HodHod at reasonable prices.

This store uses the MegaShop OpenCart theme and offers a 24/7 customer support to answer any eventual questions.

6. Brandshop.ru

6 Brandshop

Theme used: custom

BranShop is a marketplace offering footwear, clothing and accessories from various popular brands that is based in Russia.

The online catalog of Brandshop is elaborate, clearly structured and presented in two languages – Russian and English. The shop is focused on male audience and offers worldwide delivery.

Easy navigation and quick search simplify the ordering process and their news section is updated on a regular basis offering information about exclusive events.

BrandShop uses  a custom OpenCart theme.


7. Goody25.com

7 Goody25

Theme used: custom

Zero Distance, 100% connection. Goody's mission is to create zero distance platform for all business and users. Website users can create their own content about news, fashion, lifestyle, food and share it with their friends.

Goody also has a separate trends section where users can subscribe to popular and relevant content from categories they're interested in.

Like BrandShop, Goody uses a beautiful custom OpenCart theme.


8. Svapoweb.it

Sigaretta Elettronica Svapoweb

Theme used: default

SvapoWeb is an Italian online marketplace offering a variety of products for electronic cigarettes and vaporizers such as e-liquids and accessories. It offers payment after delivery and a 24-hour online support.

This marketplace uses the default OpenCart theme, which is not really common among top OpenCart websites.


9. Waltonbd.com

9 Waltonbd

Theme used: custom

Walton is a popular Bangladeshi marketplace offering electronics, home appliances and automotive products. It is part of the Walton Group, which has been in the electronics business since 1994.

It uses a custom OpenCart theme.


10. Digik.ir

10 Digik.ir

Theme used: journal

Digik is the leading Iranian marketplace for technical equipment and accessories such as cables, fans, transformers and others. It also offers other electronic equipment such as PC and laptops, industrial devices mobile phones and more.

This is another example of a top 50 OpenCart store using the popular Journal OpenCart theme.


11. GrossoShop.net

Theme used: journal2

GrossoShop.net was founded in 2006 and specializes in B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business) sale of Android mobile devices, in particular smartphones and tablets.

They collaborate with the major Chinese factories and offer the most popular brands in Chinese market of Android smartphones and tablets.


12. Trendybharat.com


Theme used: custom

Trendybharat.com aims to make online shopping in India a delightful and fulfilling experience.

This marketplace offers a dedicated collection of clothing and accessories for men, women and kids, sports and health goods, products for home and kitchen, various books and electronic equipment and other categories of products.


13. Tbuy.in


Theme used: custom

Telebuy is another popular destination for online shopping in India offering some of the best prices and a hassle-free experience with options of paying through Cash on Delivery, Debit Card, Credit Card and Net Banking processed through secure gateways.

They also offer free home delivery for many of their products.

Like the most popular OpenCart stores, this store also uses a custom OpenCart theme.


14. Welovefine.com


Theme used: custom

WeLoveFine is probably more known to our US readers. It is one of the more popular online marketplaces for custom-designed clothing and accessories made by the fans and for the fans.

Established in 2009, WeLoveFine  offers various clothing and accessories with designs featuring the fan-beloved characters from My Little Pony, Marvel Comics, Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Star Wars, Star Trek, Portal, Hatsune Miku, Dreamworks, Transformers, Naruto, ElfQuest, Homestuck and more!


15. Samsungcenter.ir


Theme used: custom

SamsungCenter is a popular Iranian marketplace for Samsung products and accessories founded in 2009.


16. Rayaneh.com


Theme used: custom

Rayaneh.com is another Iranian online marketplace that offers computer parts from various brands at discounted rates.

They offer a 24-hour customer support and are using a custom OpenCart theme.


17. Zoomkala.com


Theme used: journal2

Zoomkala is a marketplace offering various digital accessories, household products and kitchen appliances. It offers an Iran-wide delivery and a 7 day replacement warranty.

Some of the brands offered on Zoomkala are Acer, Philips, Gygabite, Asus, Samsung and others.

Like many other popular OpenCart stores, Zoomkala uses Journal2 as their theme of choice.


18. Sareeka.com


Theme used: custom

Sareeka are one of the leading online marketplaces of Indian traditional attire who focus on quality products and on-time delivery. Their apparels are exclusively-designed with the elements of the real Indian heritage.


19. Ru-mi.com


Theme used: lexus_nextstore

Ru-mi is a Russian electronics marketplace that specializes in Xiaomi electronics for the Russian market.

This store uses another popular OpenCart theme – Lexus NextStore.


20. Unom.ac.in


Theme used: custom

This is the website of the Madras University, which is one of the more popular old universities in Southern India.


21. 6dollarshirts.com


Theme used: custom

This one's a popular online store for quality printed t-shirts at quite low prices.

6dollarshirts have a combined 30 years of printing experience, a state of the art order processing and shipping facility as well as a customer service team that actually services customers (in their own words).

They use a custom OpenCart theme.


22. Dfrobot.com


Theme used: lexus_happycook

Founded in 2008, DFRobot is a robotics and open source hardware provider, catering to hardware engineers, DIY enthusiasts and interactive designers. Their product catalog offers over 900 components and widgets ranging from sensors and robotic platforms to communication modules and 3D printers.

DFRobot uses the Lexus HappyCook OpenCart theme.


23. Ninecolours.com


Theme used: custom

NineColours is the leading online Indian ethnic wear marketplace.

They aim to be preferred choice in ethnic wear and offer creative designs and innovative fashion ranging from fashionable Indian ethnic wear to majestic home decor.

NineColours uses a custom OpenCart theme that matches their product catalog perfectly.


24. Prothemes.biz


Theme used: shoppica2

ProThemes is a digital marketplace offering PHP scripts, billing themes and various Windows applications.

This website uses another popular Shoppica2 OpenCart theme.


25. Getmecab.com


Theme used: custom

GetMeCab is an Indian online cab rental aggregator and a marketplace offering cab inventory. They strive to provide high quality, affordable cab service with utmost transparency in terms of pricing and service delivery.

They boast a network of quality checked car rental partners across India which helps to provide all kind of car rental services to their customers.


26. Harajee.com


Theme used: custom

Harajee is a Middle East portal of online classifieds and auctions. with dozens of categories such as art, labor market, industrial, services, real estate, appliances and furniture and others.

In addition to this, Harajee offers a possibility to compare product prices to their market price.

It runs a custom OpenCart theme based on the default template in OpenCart 1.x.


27. Woodenstreet.com


Theme used: custom

WoodenStreet is a popular Indian custom made furniture marketplace. They craft each unit with premium quality in mind and using the best solid wood to ensure lasting durability.

This store uses a nice custom OpenCart theme.


28. Lite-mobile.ru


Theme used: custom

LiteMobile is a Russian electronic marketplace that started with retail sales of cell phones in 2006.

Today, they offer a wide range of digital devices such as cell phones, photographic equipment, video game consoles, navigators, MP3 players and other electronics.

LiteMobile uses a custom OpenCart theme.


29. Farinsoft.ir


Theme used: pav_styleshop

Farinsoft is an Iranian online tutoring portal offering over 15,000 unique courses and lessons on different topics such as programming, photography, security, gaming, networking and graphic design.


30. Edurite.com


Theme used: custom

Edurite is a digital store that offers a wide range of self-paced learning CDs with content based on cognitive learning approach. These helps students with easy understanding and long term retention of complex concepts.

They also offer a specialized CD package for English Grammar that can be used by students and adults who are looking to improve their English.


31. Jayosbie.com


Theme used: cosyone

Jay Osbie is a popular Nigerian brand and retailer for fashion-forward men. Their website offers a range of products from casual styles to traditional wear, styled up and re-thought for modern Nigerian men.

Jay Osbie uses the Cosy One OpenCart theme.


32. Tokocamzone.com


Theme used: journal2

TokoCamZone is an Indonesian online marketplace for cameras and accessories such as monopods, lenses, camera bags, studio equipment, stabilizers and memory cards.

They use the Journal2 theme for their store.


33. Autozs.ru


Theme used: custom

AutoZS is a Russian online marketplace for automotive goods. They offer a wide range of auto parts and accessories for various car makes.


34. Japancars.ru


Theme used: custom

JapanCars is another Russian marketplace for car parts that specializes in Japanese car manufacturers. They use the default OpenCart theme and a few different payment methods and package tracking.


35. Roseroseshop.com


Theme used: vitalia

RoseRoseShop is a South Korean marketplace for cosmetics. What was initially an eBay shop has now become a separate online store running OpenCart and the Vitalia theme.



36. Techone.vn


Theme used: custom

Established in 2002, Techone is a popular Vietnamese retailer offering mobile phones and terminals that uses a custom OpenCart theme for their store.

Techone is an official distributor and strategic partner of leading brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Oppo, HTC, Blackberry and Lenovo in Vietnam.


37. Khantil.com


Theme used: fusion

Khantil is an Indian online marketplace offering a wide variety of women dresses that come in unique forms, designs and colors.

They use the Fusion OpenCart theme.


38. Iranheadphone.com


Theme used: custom

IranianHeadphone is an Iranian marketplace offering headphones and accessories from various manufacturers.

This store uses a custom OpenCart theme.

39. Alta-karter.ru


Theme used: custom

AltaKarter is a Russian online store selling various automotive accessories such as car mats, crankcase protectors, electronics and similar products.

They have established cooperation with most Russian car part suppliers.

AltaKarter store uses a custom OpenCart theme.


40. Mypads.ru


Theme used: shopcart

MyPads offers the largest selection of covers and holsters for mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

They use another popular OpenCart theme – ShopCart.


41. Ubreakifix.com


Theme used: custom

uBreakiFix is a portal that helps people by providing various electronics repair services using high quality parts. They are the folks standing in line on launch day waiting for the latest smartphone or gaming console.

This website uses a custom OpenCart theme.


42. Offersgames.com


Theme used: marketshop

OffersGames is a Middle Eastern marketplace offering software and games for XBox, iTunes and Playstation. They offer a wide variety of games of all genres and are targeted to audience from 7 to 77.

This is another website that uses the MarketShop theme.


43. Globalbrand.com.bd


Theme used: lexus_superstore

Global Brand (Pvt.) Limited (GBPL) is a major IT distributor of Bangladesh. They are the only exclusive distributor of Asus products in Bangladesh since 1996.

Global Brand Private Limited provides services and solutions that include distribution of hardware systems, networking products, notebooks, network infrastructure, gaming products, servers, printers, projectors, software, laptops and POS solution.

Also, they are one more OpenCart website powered by the Lexus Superstore theme.


44. Myopencart.com


Theme used: custom

MyOpenCart is a localized version of OpenCart for the Russian market. They offer a simple and reliable OpenCart solution for Russian customers and businesses.

They also use MultiMerch as the multi vendor system of choice in their store.


45. Svapostore.net


Theme used: lexus_nextstore

Another part of the Svapo brand, SvapoStore is another Italian marketplace offering online purchase of electronic cigarettes, cartridges and refills.

In addition to the online marketplace, they have physical store in various locations in Italy.

SvapoStore also uses the Lexus NextStore OpenCart theme.


46. Pnevmat24.ru


Theme used: custom

Pnevmat24 is a popular Russian marketplace for air rifles, signal pistols, bullets, crossbows, gas and pneumatic weapons that offer products from all popular manufacturers in the industry.

They use a custom OpenCart theme.


47. Startech.com.bd


Theme used: custom

Star Tech & Engineering Ltd is an electronics marketplace offering a wide variety of computer parts and equipment from reputed international manufacturers and suppliers.


48. Sggw.pl


Theme used: custom

Sggw is the website of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. They offer 37 fields of study such as landscape architecture, food safety, bio engineering animals and biotechnology and currently have over 27,000 students.

They use a custom OpenCart theme to power their website.


49. Zakcret.gr


Theme used: polishop

Founded in 1975, Zakcret sports has established itself as a leading Greek retailer of branded sportswear and fashionwear. At the moment the company has 11 contemporary retail stores with over 150 employees.

Their online marketplace was founded in 2007 and is serving their customers nationwide with footwear, apparel and accessories from more than 60 Sport & Casual brands.

Zakcret uses the Polishop OpenCart theme.


50. Arabestore.com


Theme used: custom

Arabestore is a large Middle Eastern marketplace specializing in mobile phones and tablets as well as accessories that uses a custom OpenCart theme.


There you have it – these are the 50 most popular international OpenCart websites.  As we can see, most of them use custom OpenCart themes or one of the popular premium themes such as Journal2, Lexus or one of the Pavo themes.

This list makes it clear that virtually none of the popular OpenCart stores use the default OpenCart theme out of the box – this means you probably don't want to do it either. Even if you don't feel like hiring a designer of your own, we definitely recommend you to at least choose one of the popular OpenCart themes on ThemeForest as they're quite good and not too expensive.

If you have another OpenCart store in mind that we've missed, let us know in the comments.

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