Black Friday at MultiMerch

Hi guys,

I would like to thank you for still being with us! We haven't always been at our best, but we're improving. Thanks to the great response to our improvement suggestion email we've been able to focus on things that are most important for you.

First, we are redesigning both the MultiMerch website (to finally make it useful) and the MultiMerch Marketplace itself. Seller account areas, product forms and profiles haven't been updated for a while and we're finally at it. In a short whileMultiMerch will become much easier and more pleasant to use. The same goes for the new features – a few days ago we've released MultiMerch 7.2 with the core of a new system for seller settings, invoices, filters and other things. I'll also be getting in touch with those of you who requested a few other features – so that we can discuss how they should work.

Second, we'll soon start publishing articles related to OpenCart development and running an online store in general. This includes various guides & tutorials, useful tips and things like that. If there's anything you'd like to know in particular, please let me know.

Finally, we're starting our Black Friday & Cyber Monday campaigns. For at least a week starting today you'll be able to sign up for MultiMerch Complete Package at a discounted rate. In addition to this, we'll be happy to assist you with the installation, configuration and minor adjustments in case you run into issues.

If there's anything else I can help you with, feel free to comment on this article.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

About the authorMartin Boze is the Founder of MultiMerch Marketplace. I also love skydiving, motorcycles and space. And other cool things.

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