Black Friday Discounts Are Here & MultiMerch7 for OpenCart2 Pre-Order!


Hey guys! Black Friday is here!

In fact, Martin is here as well and it's this time of the year again when everyone's offering insane discounts and other awesome things! Also, it's almost the time you've been waiting for so long. Why almost? Because both OpenCart2 and MultiMerch for OpenCart2 are almost ready to be usable, but not yet 100% completed (but just take a look a this!).

MultiMerch Seller Accounts

Front office templates. All nice and responsive!

In the last few months we've done a huge amount of job converting MultiMerch to OpenCart2. Almost 100% of templates have been rewritten to follow the new responsive layout and a lot of other things have been changed as well. It didn't help that OpenCart2 itself was released a little earlier than it should've been – in the last few weeks we had to implement various changes over and over again because of the rapid development and bugfixing of OpenCart2.

Nevertheless, I think we did quite a good job. Here, have some more screenshots of MultiMerch running on OpenCart2!

MultiMerch Admin AreasAdministrative pages. All nice and responsive as well!


Here's a little bonus. It's not committed yet, but will be there soon!


Even though OpenCart2 isn't yet stable and we're all eagerly waiting for the 2.1 bugfix release and MultiMerch7 isn't yet 100% ported and bug-free, we've decided to use the opportunity to offer it to you as a pre-order during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week!

In fact, even though OpenCart2 is a complete rewrite of the whole system and so is MultiMerch7, we didn't want to charge everyone a full price once more just because of differences in the code., so there's even more!

First, starting with today and until Sunday midnight (or, rather, until 00:00 on Cyber Monday) all of you who don't yet have a copy of MultiMerch Shipping Bundle will be able to get it for half the new price. That's right, it's 50% OFF $499, or $249 only (we're merging Digital Bundle into Shipping Bundle and the whole thing will now be called MultiMerch Complete Package that comes with everything there is for MultiMerch out there). Then, starting on Cyber Monday and until the end of next week we'll be offering a 25% discount on all purchases.

Second, this and next week you'll get the new version for free if you had purchased one of our bundles last year or after OpenCart2 was officially released. It wouldn't be fair to charge you twice just because you happened to get MultiMerch for the old OpenCart when the new one was released already, would it?

Third, even after the next week is over those of you who had purchased one of the MultiMerch Bundles during the past year and before OpenCart2 was officially released will be able to get the new MultiMerch7 for OpenCart2 and pay only the difference between the old and the new price. Drop us an email and we'll issue a personal coupon for you.

Finally, all of you who've purchased MultiMerch7, either for the first time or as an upgrade, will be our official beta testers during the next week (thus, the pre-order). We'll set up a separate issue and bug report list for MultiMerch7 & OpenCart2 and will be working hard next week to get the 7.1 release out before OpenCart 2.1. Let's see if we can do that! For those of you wondering about MultiMerch Free Core – don't worry, we'll start offering it along with the 7.1 release when it's stable enough.

Now, without further ado I invite you to visit our beautiful Black Friday page, drop us an email if you're looking for an upgrade and go celebrate the start of the Black Friday Weekend with us on Facebook and Twitter! Also, I'll be personally answering your questions and feedback on our Skype account so feel free drop me a line.

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