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Merchants are the heart of any multivendor marketplace, therefore a top notch user experience is a must when it comes to creating and managing vendor accounts within the store. MultiMerch tries to make vendor registration in OpenCart as simple and straightforward as possible to allow the seller to concentrate on more important things like selling products.

MultiMerch allows for two ways of creating a vendor account - regular registration and one page signup. The former is a two step process where the vendor signup form is built on top of OpenCart's standard signup process while the latter combines both into a single step.


Standard registration

By default, MultiMerch has the two step vendor registration enabled. First, the user signs up in the store as a regular customer using OpenCart's standard registration form and specifying basic account information such as email address, password and physical addresses if necessary.

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After the first step is completed, the customer may apply for the vendor account by filling out the vendor registration form provided by MultiMerch. This is where all the vendor-specific information is entered - most importantly, nickname, description, profile image and payout address for royalty withdrawals. Regular customers can omit this step.

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Two step signup is a little more time consuming than the one page registration. However, it has its advantages - ease of implementation, logic separation and standard OpenCart templates will make this approach suitable for most of multivendor stores out there.


One page signup

For a faster and more straightforward merchant registration MultiMerch makes it possible to use one page vendor signup form instead of the standard process. This merges Opencart's customer signup with MultiMerch vendor registration and presents it as a single form. For vendors this means one less step to creating the account and beginning with the selling process.

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Unlike standard registration, this may require some customization for modified OpenCart stores and therefore may be a little more difficult to implement. For standard installations, however, one page signup shoudn't cause any issues and may be used out of the box.

Thus, no matter what your requirements are, MultiMerch makes it possible to choose the best way for the merchant to sign up at your OpenCart store without much hassle and start selling products in a matter of minutes!

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