Dashboards and reporting in MultiMerch 8.9

We've done some major work over the last few weeks and I'm happy to present you the new MultiMerch 8.9!

Here's what's new:

MultiMerch administrator's dashboard

This is a major one! Up until now, all of the MultiMerch-specific information was scattered between various pages and tabs. Now, the most important information is available on one page.

MultiMerch Marketplace Dashboard

MultiMerch admin dashboard is split into three different block groups:

Marketplace totals

  • Total sales, which is the sales statistics for the day / week / month / 3 months / all the time. This lets you quickly assess the overall progress of your marketplace.
  • Total sellers shows the total number of vendors in your marketplace, which is important when monitoring marketplace growth.
  • Total customers is the number of registered customers in your marketplace. This lets you gauge the popularity of your marketplace over time.
  • Total products displays the total number of products published in the marketplace over time, which lets you monitor the activity of vendors in your marketplace.

Marketplace top 5's

  • Top 5 countries is the list of top countries by the number of orders. This is especially important if you're selling internationally.
  • Top 5 sellers lists the top vendors in your marketplace. Perhaps you'll want to acknowledge them in one way or another!
  • Top 5 customers helps you to get acquainted with those of your customers who've spent the most in your marketplace and are perhaps worthy of a personal discount.
  • Top 5 products will help you find out which the products your customers like the most - and maybe publish more of them!

Marketplace activity

  • Marketplace activity section displays the latest marketplace events, which is convenient if you want to monitor the latest happenings in your marketplace such as vendor and customer activity.
  • Latest orders lets you quickly find out if you have any new orders pending in your marketplace.

Obviously, we'll be tweaking this section and adding some neat charts in the future, but this will be a good start!


MultiMerch admin reports

In addition to the new dashboard, we've also tried to make MultiMerch administrators' lives easier by introducing a number of reports and a possibility to filter the information by date ranges.

Sales reports

Sales reports are meant to provide the overall breakdown of sales and earnings for specific periods as well as some extra information such as grouped sale totals.

Sales list and breakdown

This is the main report which lists all sales in the marketplace as well as the complete breakdown of each sales, which lets the marketplace administration quickly assess such sales components as net marketplace and vendor earnings, shipping costs and taxes.

Sales by day

This report lists the total of all sales within every single day, again, with a detailed breakdown. This way you can quickly analyze which days are more successful for sales than the others and draw conclusions when creating sales plans for your marketplace.

Sales by month

This one's similar to the one above, but lists sale totals grouped by month so you can for example analyze seasonal revenue drops and spikes.

Sales by product

This report does exactly what the name says and display sale totals for each individual product in your marketplace. This way you can see the bestsellers and weed out products that don't sell well.

Sales by seller

This report will be the most important one if you wish to keep your marketplace active and thriving, e.g. you may want to stimulate your top earners and work with them individually as well as decide what to do with vendors that aren't active.

These are the most important reports for a start, but we'll be monitoring their performance and tweaking and adding new sales reports in future MultiMerch updates.

Financial reports

In addition to pure sales reports, we've added a few reports related to the marketplace financial activity such as vendor finance reports, transactions, payments and payouts.

Seller finances

This report provides the overview of all vendors and their financials in the marketplace such as balance credit and debit transactions, vendor's own earnings as well as the amount earned by the marketplace, totals of all payments and payouts and the current balance.


This report provides an overview of all balance transactions to and from all vendor accounts in the marketplace for the specified time period.


Payment report lists all payments received by the marketplace from vendors, including all signup and product publishing fees.


This is a separate report for payouts that provides an overview of all payouts performed by the marketplace to vendors within a period of time.


Just like sales reports, we'll be monitoring the performance of financial reports and updating them in the future as needed to make them as useful as possible!


Vendor dashboard

This is another major one!

While MultiMerch already had a dashboard for vendors, it wasn't great. Now, we're working on improving it.

MultiMerch vendors now have the following information available in their dashboards:

  • Order and product totals that display historical data for total orders and products for specific periods of time so vendors can gauge their own performance
  • Top viewed, selling and rated product blocks list top 5 products in each of these categories, which lets vendors analyze their top product lists
  • Last messages, reviews and orders keeps vendors updated on what's happening with their store lately

Just like with the admin dashboard, we'll be adding beautiful and informative charts to this page in upcoming updates.


Vendor reports

Like admins, vendors now have their own reporting with the following info available:

  • Sales breakdown
  • Sales by day
  • Sales by month
  • Sales by product
  • Transactions
  • Payments
  • Payouts

And just like the administration, vendors can generate their reports for specific date ranges (we'll add exports in the future, too!)


Theme integrations

In addition to these awesome features, we've also updated our ThemeBurn, ShopMe and Journal theme integrations so you can use new reports with our partner themes via MultiMerch Professional.



What does all of this mean for MultiMerch vendors and marketplace owners?

This means that MultiMerch is now much more convenient for both the administration and the vendors. And it's now available in your accounts, go give it a try!

As always MultiMerch improvements are possible thanks to your feedback. So, drop by in our Forums and share your thoughts!

Martin Boss

Martin Boss

I'm the founder of MultiMerch, a fan of great software and a marketplace ecommerce enthusiast. Hit me up on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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