50+ Fashion Marketplaces & Second Hand Luxury Consignment Platforms


Note: We've updated this article in February 2023!

Second-hand and pre-loved fashion is not only trendy, but also sustainable.

By buying and selling pre-owned designer items that are authenticated and in great condition, you can save money and reduce your environmental impact. Second-hand clothing gives a new life to garments that would otherwise end up in landfills. It also slows down the fast-fashion cycle that consumes a lot of resources and generates a lot of waste.

If you’re an eco-conscious consumer who loves fashion, this article is for you. We'll show you over 50 fashion marketplaces and consignment platforms where you can buy, sell, and trade authenticated, used fashion and luxury clothing and accessories.

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To make the roundup easier to digest, we've arranged it into a handful of sections:

For historical purposes and for the curious ones, we also included a short list of fashion marketplace platforms that don't exist anymore.

Now, let's start with the top tier fashion and luxury platforms:

If you’re looking for a wide selection of pre-owned designer items, you might want to check out some of the most popular fashion marketplaces online. These platforms offer a variety of brands, styles, and categories to suit your taste and budget.

ASOS Marketplace


Website: https://marketplace.asos.com/

Year founded: 2010

Based in: United States

Fees: ASOS Marketplace charges a 20% commission fee on each sale made through the platform. This fee covers the cost of payment processing, marketing, and customer support.

ASOS Marketplace is a leading online platform for independent brands and vintage boutiques, with over 900 small businesses from 50+ countries featured on the platform. The marketplace is known for its unique and diverse product range, which includes both vintage pieces and cool t-shirts from independent brands.

Since launching in 2010, ASOS Marketplace has become a go-to destination for customers looking for something authentic and unique. The platform's independent brands and vintage boutiques offer a range of products, from 90s sportswear to hand-made jewelry, making it a great place to find something new and exciting.


Website: https://www.depop.com/

Year founded: 2011

Based in: United Kingdom

Fees: Depop charges a 10% fee on every sale, and an additional transaction fee that varies based on location and payment method. If you use the Ship with Depop label or Boosted Listings feature, additional fees may apply.

Depop is a global marketplace for buying and selling secondhand fashion and vintage items, originally founded in 2011 by Simon Beckerman as a social network for PIG magazine's readers.

Now it's a mobile space where you can see what your friends and the people you’re inspired by are liking, buying, and selling. Depop's community of 30 million+ includes stylists, designers, artists, collectors, vintage sellers, and sneakerheads who are passionate about creating and sharing their unique style.


Website: https://www.grailed.com/

Year founded: 2013

Based in: United States

Fees: Grailed charges a 9% commission fee for sellers on any item sold, in addition to payment processing fees that are based on the sale price and buyer’s location.

Grailed is a peer-to-peer marketplace platform for buying, selling, and exploring menswear and womenswear. With a wide range of new and used clothing items curated by its community, Grailed offers unique and hard-to-find pieces at competitive prices.

All items sold on Grailed are verified for authenticity, and transactions conducted through PayPal are eligible for full refunds in case of issues. The Grailed app allows users to browse and buy items, as well as receive notifications on price drops and messages, all from their mobile devices. Grailed also has its own editorial platform called Dry Clean Only that offers exclusive content on designers and the fashion industry.


Website: https://jane.com/

Year founded: 2011

Based in: United States

Fees: Jane charges a commission fee on each sale made through the platform, which varies depending on the type of item and the seller's membership level.

Founded in 2011, Jane is a curated boutique marketplace for women’s fashion, home decor, and wellness products with over 2,000 active sellers, including small businesses, big brands, and designer names. The platform offers daily deals with 600+ new products added each day and offers features like search and discovery algorithms, curated collections, and a range of tools for sellers, as well as a dedicated seller community.


fashion marketplaces multimerch poshmark

Website: https://poshmark.com/

Year founded: 2011

Based in: United States

Fees: Poshmark charges a flat commission of $2.95 for sales under $15 and a 20% commission for sales of $15 or more.

Poshmark is a social marketplace for buying and selling new and secondhand items in fashion, beauty, home decor, and more. Its features include virtual parties, live seller-hosted shopping events, and the ability to follow, share, and comment on listings, making it a fun and engaging platform for fashion enthusiasts looking for affordable and sustainable options.


Website: https://www.rebelle.com/

Year founded: 2013

Based in: Germany

Fees: REBELLE charges a tiered commission that is calculated based on the selling price, with an additional handling fee of £15 for Concierge items.

REBELLE is an German online marketplace for high-quality designer fashion in the second-hand sector. The marketplace offers a unique shopping experience with a combination of luxury items from major designers, and offers two selling options: sellers can sell their goods themselves, or have REBELLE’s team sell them via their concierge service.

Note: the company has been acquired by Vinted in September 2022.

The RealReal

Website: https://www.therealreal.com/

Year founded: 2011

Based in: United States

Fees: The RealReal charges a commission fee on each sale made through the platform, which varies based on the sale price and the seller’s tier.

The RealReal is an online luxury consignment store that specializes in authenticated, pre-owned designer fashion and accessories from heritage brands like Chanel, Hermès and Louis Vuitton. The platform's rigorous authentication process includes hundreds of experts and ensures that buyers can trust that they are purchasing high-quality, authentic items.

Through its business, The RealReal aims to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry where luxury items stay in circulation.

Vestiaire Collective

Website: https://www.vestiairecollective.com/

Year founded: 2009

Based in: France

Fees: Vestiaire Collective charges a selling fee for items sold in the US and Canada, with a percentage fee for items priced between $80 USD/CAD and $13,000 USD/CAD, a fixed fee for items priced below that range, and a higher fixed fee for items priced above it. Additionally, a payment processing fee of 3% is applied on all sales to cover the external processing costs of the transaction, and there are minimum price requirements for items listed for sale on the platform.

Vestiaire Collective is an online fashion resale platform aimed at individuals and businesses offering premium and luxury fashion items. With 25,000+ items added daily, the marketplace offers a wide range of designer fashion to shop from. The platform has been offering luxury authentication since 2009, and has over 60 experts who are committed to checking each item for authenticity.


Website: https://www.vinted.com/

Year founded: 2008

Based in: Lithuania

Fees: There are no selling fees on Vinted, so sellers can keep everything they earn.

Vinted is a Lithuanian platform for pre-owned clothing where users can buy, sell and swap their clothes. The platform has a growing community of over 75 million members across 16 countries, united by a shared goal of making second-hand clothing more accessible. While the platform isn't focused specifically on designer clothing, you can find sellers on Vinted offering items by the big luxury fashion brands such as Gucci, Versace and Burberry.

Lesser known and local luxury resale and consignment platforms

Besides the well-known fashion marketplaces, there are also some hidden gems that cater to specific regions or niches. These platforms may have less inventory, but they also have more curated collections and unique pieces that you won't find elsewhere.

Crossroads Trading

Website: https://crossroadstrading.com/

Year founded: 1991

Based in: United States

Fees: Crossroads Trading charges sellers a 50% fee for trade credit or a 70% fee if paid in cash.

Crossroads Trading is a fashion consignment company that offers a sustainable alternative to traditional fashion, allowing eco-conscious customers to sell their clothes and buy secondhand items.

Designer Wardrobe

Website: https://designerwardrobe.co.nz/

Year founded: 2013

Based in: New Zealand

Fees: Designer Wardrobe charges a flat per-sale fee of $4.95 for sales under $40 and a commission of 12.9% for sales above $40, as well as an additional payment fee for debit or credit card payments.

The Designer Wardrobe platform allows members to buy, sell, and rent pre-loved clothing, with a focus on sustainability and circularity. The company offers sellers to list the items themselves and provides a valet consignment service.

Edit Second Hand

Website: https://editsecondhand.com/

Year founded: 2010

Based in: United Kingdom

Fees: editsecondhand offers a 50% commission rate on the agreed sale price.

editsecondhand is a UK-based reseller of handpicked and curated designer womenswear and handbags. In addition to the online platform, the company has a showroom is West Sussex.

Emmy Clothing Company

Website: https://emmystore.com/

Year founded: 2015

Based in: Finland

Fees: Commission rates vary based on the sales price and can range from 18.20% to 72.70% for bank account payments and 20% to 87.24% for gift card payments.

Emmy is a Nordic online marketplace for pre-owned premium clothing from both Scandinavian and global premium brands that’s inspected by hand and checked for authenticity. The company promotes reuse and aims to slow down global warming caused by over-production.

Hardly Ever Worn It (HEWI)

Website: https://www.hardlyeverwornit.com/

Year founded: 2009

Based in: United Kingdom

Fees: Independent sellers are charged an 18% selling fee, while the commission for VIP sellers ranges from £40 to 20-35% depending on the price of the item. For very high-value items, a lower commission for VIPs can be negotiated.

HEWI is a luxury fashion resale marketplace focused on expert curation that has been operating since 2009. Based in London, HEWI offers a VIP service to sellers, and collaborates with major brands and charities to promote the idea of circular economy and sustainability in the fashion industry.

Hunters and Collectors

Website: https://huntersandcollectors.net.nz/

Year founded: 1984

Based in: New Zealand

Fees: Most items are sold on a 50/50 basis, but lower commission rates may apply for more expensive items.

Hunters and Collectors is a New Zealand-based shop focused on buying and selling high-end designer items, antique pieces, and vintage clothing. The company shies away from seasonal trends and places an emphasis on the individual, as well as offers an exhibition space to showcase up-and-coming artists and creatives.

My Ex Wardrobe

Website: https://myexwardrobe.co.uk/

Year founded: 2014

Based in: United Kingdom

Fees: Items sold through My Ex Wardrobe are subject to a 60/40 price split.

My Ex Wardrobe is a dress agency in the United Kingdom that offers an online platform for pre-loved, high-end and luxury branded items, including clothing, prom and evening wear, and accessories.


Website: https://www.shoprelove.com/

Year founded: 2014

Based in: San Francisco, United States

Fees: Sellers are paid 35% in cash, 40% in store credit or 50%-60% for consignment, which is reserved for high-end or high-risk items.

ReLove is a boutique that specializes in vintage, designer, and independent clothing, where each item is carefully hand-picked and imbued with care and style. The company emphasizes personal expression and style over excess consumerism and strives to create a sense of community by inspiring customers to push their style limits and get rid of unnecessary clothing items.


Website: https://retykle.com/

Year founded: 2016

Based in: Hong Kong

Fees: Commission rates are based on the final resale price of the item and the payout method, and vary between 12% and 80%.

Retykle is an online marketplace platform focused on an efficient and sustainable recirculation of children's fashion, gear, and toys. The platform offers over 2,500 of children's and maternity brands and provides a hassle-free way for parents to sell their kids' pre-loved items.

Rewind Vintage Affairs

Website: https://rewindvintage.co.uk/

Year founded: 2010

Based in: United Kingdom

Fees: Not publicly available

Rewind Vintage Affairs is a luxury secondhand consignment company based in United Kingdom that offers a curated collection of authentic, pre-loved designer bags, vintage clothing and accessories from popular brands.

Sign of the Times

Website: https://www.wearesott.com/

Year founded: 1976

Based in: United Kingdom

Fees: Sign of the Times’ commission rate is around 50% on the final price of the item and up to 80% on high value handbags and fine jewelry.

Sign of the Times is one of London's leading pre-owned luxury stores, drawing on 45 years of experience from buying and selling pre-owned luxury via Sign of the Times in Chelsea and Timpanys in Berkshire.


Website: https://www.zulily.com/

Year founded: 2009

Based in: United States

Fees: Zulily charges a commission fee on each sale made through the platform, but the exact numbers are not publicly available.

Zulily is an online marketplace that offers a unique shopping experience for moms with daily deals and a wide selection of curated styles for the family. The platform provides an opportunity for small boutique brands and established brands to showcase their products and reach a targeted audience of mothers.


...and even more resale platforms and consignment shops

In case you're looking for some more consignment companies:

  • Blue Spinach is an Australian consignment platform and a reseller of international luxury brand goods like second hand handbags, women's and men's fashion items and accessories.
  • ΒΟΗΒΟ is an Athens-based second hand designer item store that specializes in high-end used contemporary accessories and fashion clothing.
  • Cudoni is a luxury resale service in London that simplifies the process of selling pre-owned luxury items, from clothing to jewelry.
  • Deuxieme Dress Agency is a United Kingdom-based company that provides the destination for buying and selling preloved fashion, vintage clothes, shoes and designer handbags.
  • Garderobe.ae is a fashion marketplace platform in the Middle East that focuses on designer fashion items.
  • Her-Age is an Italian online marketplace offering authenticated vintage and second-hand luxury fashion with NFT options/
  • Hunt Street is an Indonesian online luxury resale platform that provides a secure and trusted environment for buying and selling pre-loved luxury fashion items locally and across the region.
  • Lampoo is a Milan-based luxury resale platform founded in 2019 with a goal to promote circular fashion and sustainability.
  • Luxe In is a large luxury retailer based in the Philippines that specializes in offering pre-loved and second-hand luxury items including designer bags, high-end gadgets, jewelry, and luxury watches.
  • Luxury Garage Sale is a United States-based company that buys and sells new, pre-owned and vintage pieces for women, including luxury designer handbags, clothing, shoes and jewelry.
  • Luxury Shops is a Swiss reseller of new and vintage luxury goods from around the world with a physical location in Zurich.
  • MARKED is a Danish consignment store that connects buyers and sellers of luxury fashion.
  • Moss Consignment is a United States-based company offering luxury item consignment services.
  • MyPrivateDressing is a Swiss company that offers a social platform for used and pre-owned luxury item resale.
  • Pandora Dress Agency is a London-based dress agency buying, consigning and selling designer label merchandise.
  • Retold is a vintage and second-hand fashion store in London that aims to make vintage clothing more accessible to fashion- and environment-conscious women.
  • Re-SEE is an online platform that specializes in vintage and second-hand fashion and luxury handbags that are curated, authenticated, and restored when necessary by artisans.
  • Secrets Fashion Agency specializes in curating and reselling pre-loved designer bags, clothing, and accessories.
  • Sellier Knightsbridge is a preloved luxury marketplace founded in London that's dedicated to sustainability and operates with a strict authentication process.
  • The Chic Selection is a curated platform for second hand designer items in the United Kingdom.
  • The Dresser is a designer second hand boutique and a consignment agency in the United Kingdom.
  • The Fifth Collection is a preloved vintage and luxury fashion consignment agency in Singapore.
  • The Luxury Closet is an online boutique based in Dubai that connects buyers and sellers of new and pre-loved luxury items including handbags, clothes, watches, and jewelry from top brands.
  • The Vintage Bar is Denmark's ecommerce company that specializes in the resale of preloved luxury items.
  • What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA) is a luxury accessory consignor and a used fashion marketplace platform.
  • Yeahllow is a vintage shop focused on carefully selecting and curating exclusive pieces with a special history.
  • Yoogi's Closet is a United States-based pre-owned luxury item consignment company.
  • Zalora is an Asian online fashion retailer and a marketplace platform for new and used fashion items, including clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products, pre-loved items, and home & living products.

Marketplaces focused primarily on handbags and accessories

For those who love bags and accessories, there are some marketplaces that specialize in these categories. Whether you’re looking for a classic Chanel flap bag, a trendy Gucci belt, or a rare Hermes scarf, you can find them on these platforms that generally offer authentication and quality assurance.


fashion marketplaces multimerch bagista

Website: https://bagista.co.uk/

Year founded: 2014

Based in: Knightsbridge, United Kingdom

Fees: There is no publicly available information on the selling fees on Bagista, but the platform does charge sellers an authentication fee of €‌31.00 (€‌125.00 for Hermès items).

Bagista is an online and in-store marketplace for pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories founded in 2014 and based in United Kingdom. It offers a mix of one-off, vintage, contemporary, and classic pieces, and ensures the authenticity and quality of every item before displaying it in-store and online.

Bag Borrow or Steal

fashion marketplaces multimerch bag borrow steal

Website: https://bagborroworsteal.com/

Year founded: 2004

Based in: United States

Fees: BBOS charges a 30% selling commission and offers to reduce it by 10% if the vendor chooses to be paid via BBOS Store Credit.

Bag Borrow or Steal is a fashion website dedicated to buying, borrowing & selling authentic designer bags and luxury accessories.

To individuals, BBOS offers two ways of selling gently-used designer accessories - they will buy the items from you outright or consign them instead.

Collector Square

Website: https://www.collectorsquare.com/

Year founded: 2013

Based in: France

Fees: Collector Square applies a 35% commission on sales on the seller’s behalf or offers to purchase the item from the seller directly, additional shipping fees also apply.

Collector Square is a European resale platform for pre-owned luxury items, including bags, watches, jewelry, and more. In addition to the online platform, Collector Square has a showroom and a pop-up store in Paris.

Couture USA

Website: https://coutureusa.com/

Year founded: 2003

Based in: United States

Fees: Couture USA offers up to 75% of the selling price for consigned items, with the final percentage depending on the resale value of the item.

Couture USA is a company that specializes in buying and selling preowned luxury items, such as bags, upscale shoes, and accessories.

Designer Exchange

Website: https://uk.designerexchange.com/

Year founded: 2013

Based in: United Kingdom

Fees: Designer Exchange charges a commission fee on each sale, the fee amount is not publicly available.

Designer Exchange is a luxury marketplace that specializes in the resale of genuine pre-owned handbags, watches, sunglasses, and jewelry.

The platform offers over 5,000 authentic designer items from over 100 different brands and has a number of physical stores across the United Kingdom in addition to their online platform.


Website: https://www.fashionphile.com/

Year founded: 1999

Based in: United States

Fees: Fashionphile provides upfront quotes when buying out items from sellers, and pays the seller after the item has been received and authenticated.

Fashionphile is a company that specializes in buying and selling pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories.

Love That Bag etc (+ Own The Couture)

Website: https://lovethatbagetc.com/

Year founded: 2013 (acquired by Own The Couture in 2018)

Based in: Canada

Fees: The platform charges a consignment fee of 25-50% of the selling price depending on the cost of the item, extra fees pay apply for dry cleaning, as well as authentication of specific premium Hermes handbags.

Love that Bag etc is a Canadian online consignment platform for preowned designer handbags, fashions, and accessories. The company is based in Montreal and acquires items from fashion-conscious individuals across Canada.


Website: https://www.labellov.com/

Year founded: 2012

Based in: Belgium

Fees: Labellov charges a commission fee ranging from 50% to 70% that’s based on the selling price of the item.

Lavellov is a Belgium-based authentic vintage bag and accessory reselling platform that aims to provide transparency and trust for both buying and selling preloved designer items. The company has a showroom in Antwerp and pop-up locations all over Belgium in addition to its online platform with over 5000 sellers.

l'Étoile de Saint Honoré

Website: https://etoile-luxuryvintage.com

Year founded: 2013

Based in: Netherlands

Fees: l'Étoile de Saint Honoré charges a 60% commission rate of the established sale price after the item has been sold.

l'Étoile de Saint Honoré is a vintage luxury handbag and accessory consignment company based in the Netherlands.


Website: https://leprix.com/

Year founded: 2014

Based in: United States

Fees: Not publicly available.

LePrix is an online marketplace offering buyers access to over 600 designer consignment boutiques with the aim of unlocking access to pre-owned, pre-authenticated luxury at discounted prices. The company also offers a wholesale service and a dedicated account manager to trusted suppliers.

Queen Station

Website: https://queenstation.net/

Year founded: 2018

Based in: Helsinki, Finland

Fees: The commission fees are agreed upon individually.

Queen Station is a luxury handbag and designer accessory shop in Helsinki, specializing in resale and consignment of authentic pre-owned luxury bags and accessories from top designers.


Website: https://rebag.com/

Year founded: 2014

Based in: United States

Fees: Determined individually based on brand, condition, size, material and other factors.

Rebag is a company that specializes in buying and reselling used pre-owned designer handbags.


Website: https://www.siopaella.com/

Year founded: 2011

Based in: Dublin, Ireland

Fees: Siopaella offers consignment rates ranging from 70% to 80% for selected items.

Siopaella is a Dublin-based resale store that offers a wide variety of pre-loved designer handbags and accessories. The company has a strong commitment to sustainability, authenticity and community, and donates a portion of its profits to charity.

Marketplaces for streetwear and sneakers

If you're into streetwear and sneakers, you might want to explore some of the marketplaces that focus on these segments. These platforms are where you can buy and sell coveted items from brands like Supreme, Off-White, Yeezy, and more.


Website: https://www.goat.com/

Year founded: 2015

Based in: United States

Fees: GOAT sellers are subject to a flat seller fee of $5 to $30 (based on location) plus a commission fee between 9.5% to 25% based on seller's rating score and other factors. Additional fees apply for payouts and sales on GOAT Clean.

Goat is a curated marketplace where a select set of sellers offer authentic sneakers, apparel and accessories for sale.


Website: https://www.kixify.com/

Year founded: 2015

Based in: United States

Fees: Kixify charges sellers a 10% selling fee.

Kixify is a two-sided marketplace platform for sneakerheads to connect, discover, buy and sell authentic sneakers online.

Stadium Goods

Website: https://www.stadiumgoods.com/

Year founded: 2015

Based in: United States

Fees: Stadium Goods charges sellers a 20% commission fee plus 1% payout processing fee.

Stadium Goods is a sneaker and streetwear marketplace that aims to make it easier to buy and sell premium footwear, apparel, and accessories.


Website: https://stockx.com/

Year founded: 2015

Based in: United States

Fees: StockX charges sellers a 3% payment processing fee and a transaction fee between 8% and 10% (with a minimum amount of $9+) that’s based on seller’s rating.

StockX is a streetwear marketplace platform connecting buyers and sellers of sneakers, streetwear, watches and handbags.

Alternative platforms you might want to explore

If you're looking for something different from the usual fashion marketplaces, you might want to try some alternative platforms that offer more than just clothes.

Here are some resale platforms for second-hand and used items (not just fashion):

  • 1stDibs is a marketplace platform that specializes on the resale of hand-picked vintage furniture, fine art, jewelry and fashion, and has a community of over 4000 vetted sellers.
  • Catawiki is a curated European marketplace for special objects, such as fashion, art, jewelry, accessories, and others.
  • Curtsy is a two-sided marketplace app that’s focused on thrifting and selling clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.
  • Everything But The House (EBTH) is a two-sided platform that connects people willing to purchase or sell uncommon things, such as fashion, vintage, decor and other items.
  • Netflea is a European marketplace for second-hand clothing, shoes, and accessories.
  • Preloved is a classified advertising platform based in the United Kingdom that offers buyers and sellers over 500 different product categories, including clothing and fashion.
  • Shpock is a classifieds and flea market app for buying and selling used things online.
  • thredUP is an online consignment, thrift, and resale marketplace for women’s and kids’ secondhand apparel, shoes, and accessories.
  • VarageSale is a family-friendly app to buy and sell new and used items to and from verified users locally.

And for even more possibilities, you can try looking into some of the more generic marketplace platforms, such as fashion search websites, local buying and selling apps and regular online marketplaces:

  • Carousell is a marketplace platform that makes it easy to sell unused and under-used items online, whether clothing or anything else, that primarily operates in Asia.
  • Lyst is a curated fashion search that allows third party boutiques and brands to connect their stores to the platform and make them more discoverable.
  • Mercari is a marketplace platform for buying and selling anything - from fashion and jewelry to toys, sporting goods and electronics.
  • Shopping Scanner is a fashion search, discovery and aggregating platform.
  • Wanelo (Want, Need, Love) is a two-sided marketplace app connecting buyers to stores offering deals on millions of fashion, beauty and home products.

And on top of all that there are obviously the Amazons, Ebays, and Wishes of the world.


Defunct fashion platforms

Not all fashion marketplaces survive in the competitive online space. Some of them have closed down or merged with other platforms over the years. Here are some of the defunct marketplaces that once existed, but not anymore:

  • Heat Buy and Sell Fashion
  • OfferUp
  • 5 Miles
  • Keep
  • Shedd
  • ThreadFlip
  • Twice
  • Copious
  • Hello La Mode
  • 23-15
  • Restyle Closet
  • Seam
  • Seconds Boutique
  • Reebonz
  • Mosh Posh
  • Tradesy
  • Bag of Roses
  • Carnet de Mode
  • Designer Vintage
  • Grace and Ted
  • Heroine
  • High Fashion Society
  • Jenny Kenny
  • Material World / Box
  • Pre-Porter
  • Modsie
  • Shop The Upside
  • Timpanys
  • Vide Dressing
  • Bump
  • Catchys
  • Letgo
  • Material World


That's it for fashion resale and consignment marketplaces!

By the way, did you notice the monetization strategy pattern here?

Apparently, most of these luxury platforms generate revenue via selling fees – just look at this fee type breakdown compared to the handmade marketplace industry:

That's something to keep in mind when building your own platform.

By the way, if you're curious how do you start your own luxury marketplace exactly, check out our Guide to Building an Online Marketplace Business.

For even more marketplace examples, see our Roundup of Handmade Marketplace Platforms.

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