Feedback portal, feature roadmap and the future of MultiMerch

Although the development of MultiMerch 9 has been underway for a while, it's time to make it a bit more public.

Today, I'm happy to introduce our public MultiMerch feedback portal and briefly describe some of the exciting features we're working on.

Improving seller accounts, profiles and stores

While we've been introducing MultiMerch updates on a regular basis, the overall design and features of seller accounts, stores and profiles dates back to early MultiMerch 6 versions.

To bring MultiMerch up to date with the current standards, we're working on the following improvements for sellers:

  • New designs for seller account navigation
  • Improved design of seller lists, profiles and stores
  • One page seller registration and more seller fields
  • Landing page for sellers willing to create an account
  • Different seller plans with different features and restrictions
  • Better notifications for sellers
  • Improvements in existing systems, e.g. messaging, badges and reviews

Designing marketing, promotions and sales tools

We want to make it as simple as possible for MultiMerch marketplace owners to build marketplaces that generate revenues.

Therefore, we'll be focusing on improving marketing and promotion tools as part of MultiMerch 9:

  • Paid sponsored products and seller stores
  • Automated product recommendations to increase sales
  • Better discount campaign management for sellers
  • Advertising tools for marketplace owners
  • Improvements to badge and discount coupon systems
  • Wishlists, favorite sellers and following seller accounts

Implementing advanced product publishing features

OpenCart handles regular product publishing well enough, but we want to take product management in MultiMerch to the next level through some of the following improvements:

  • Multiple sellers and prices per product
  • Additional product fields and restrictions
  • A possibility to save unfinished product drafts and create product templates
  • Different types of products (services, bookings, classifieds, licenses, auctions)
  • Integration with cloud storage services (AWS)


Upgrading the payment system and order management

Payments are the heart of every online marketplace.

To make MultiMerch even more useful to marketplace owners and sellers around the world, we're improving our payment handling and order management systems:

  • Stripe Connect support for marketplace payments
  • Recurring seller payments (subscriptions) with multiple plans
  • Improved order status management for customers and sellers
  • One page checkout and streamlining of the payment and payout process
  • A flexible tax and invoicing system to handle multi vendor environments
  • Support for multi vendor cash on delivery and other types of payments


Building advanced reporting and analytics tools

Knowledge is power – this means more and better MultiMerch reports and integration with analytics tools:

  • Better seller analytics
  • Improved seller and marketplace dashboards
  • Google Analytics for sellers
  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • More reports and support for the export of reports


Improving marketplace performance and optimization

The MultiMerch SEO system has been originally designed to make MultiMerch search engine friendly out of the box.

As part of MultiMerch 9, we'll continue our work on improving our SEO and performance tools:

  • More SEO improvements (microdata on all pages, meta templates etc.)
  • SEO tools for marketplace owners
  • Performance improvement tools


Upgrading the multi vendor shipping system

Last but not least, we have our marketplace owners in mind who run MultiMerch marketplaces dealing with shipping of tangible products by sellers or by the marketplace.

Improvements to our multi vendor shipping system will include:

  • Shipment tracking
  • Combined price-based shipping
  • Shipping presets
  • Integrations with shipping APIs


Some of the additional features we're considering are automated backups, improvements to our import/export system and more support for great OpenCart themes.

I'll be publishing more detailed roadmaps and in-depth insights into specific features in the near future.

Meanwhile, drop by our feedback portal, comment on features and suggest your own improvements to MultiMerch – whether you're a current marketplace owner or just looking around, we appreciate all of the feedback!

Martin Boss

Martin Boss

I'm the founder of MultiMerch, a fan of great software and a marketplace ecommerce enthusiast. Hit me up on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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