Handmade Marketplaces for Artisans to Sell Crafts, Art, Gifts Online


If you're an artisan or a craftsperson and aren't selling your crafts online, you might be doing it wrong.

Selling art, crafts and handmade items online is the primary source of income for hundreds of thousands of independent small businesses.

It's also becoming easier – there are plenty of marketplace platforms for artisans and crafters to promote and sell their products.

In this post, I've gathered over 60+ handmade marketplaces, artisan communities, directories and showcases for everything hand-crafted.

Here it is:

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Since this list got big pretty quickly, I split it into 5 sections (click the links below to view a specific section):

Now, let's start.

Here are the platforms to sell and promote your handmade products on:


The big marketplaces you can sell handmade items on

Amazon Handmade

handmade marketplaces multimerch amazon handmade artisans

You can sell virtually anything on Amazon, including your handcrafted goods. Amazon Handmade is an Amazon community aimed specifically at artisans selling crafts online.

Website: https://services.amazon.com/handmade/handmade.html

Availability: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico

Fees: Signing up for Amazon Handmade until December 31, 2019 gives you a free Professional selling plan (worth $39.99/month). You're also paying a referral fee of around ~15% on each product sold.



handmade marketplaces multimerch etsy crafts

Basically the OG marketplace for handmade crafts, gifts, vintage and unique items. If you're not (also) selling on Etsy, you're doing it wrong.

Website: https://www.etsy.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: First, Etsy charges you a listing fee of $0.20 USD for each item you list for sale. Additionally, you're charged a transaction fee of 5% of the total price the product is sold for. If you use Etsy Payments to process customer payments, Etsy will also charge you a payment processing fee of around ~3% + $0.25 (varies by country). You can also sign up for the Etsy Plus subscription at $10/mo for an additional set of business tools. Finally, you might be eligible for advertising fees, pattern fees and shipping fees.



handmade marketplaces multimerch bonanza crafts

Bonanza is a global marketplace platform aimed primarily at fashion, collectibles and home decor, but also accepts all kinds of crafts and art items. The Crafts category on Bonanza currently has over 600,000 listings.

Website: https://www.bonanza.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Bonanza charges a selling fee of 3.5% of FOV (final offer value) plus a flat 1.5% of the amount over $500. The minimum selling fee is $0.50. You can also opt into Bonanza's extra advertising packages in exchange for a higher selling fee.



handmade marketplaces multimerch ebay crafts

That's right – you can sell your handmade crafts, art and artisan supplies on eBay (in fact, eBay has a separate category called Crafts).

Website: https://www.ebay.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: eBay charges you two main types of fees – an insertion fee (first 50 listings are free, the fee rate is based on the category, around $0.35 for most categories) and a final value fee or selling fee (10% for most categories). Managed payments sellers also get charged a payment processing fee for each transaction.



handmade marketplaces multimerch ebid

eBid is an online auction website that also operates as a marketplace. Basically like eBay, but not quite eBay. You can sell crafts and handmade items on eBid.

Website: https://www.ebid.net/

Availability: 23 countries (United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Hong Kong, India, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia)

Fees: eBid offers two different selling plans – Seller and Seller+. The Seller plan is free to join and includes a 3% final value fee, joining the Seller+ plan waives the final value fee and costs around $7 per month.


Facebook Marketplace

handmade marketplaces multimerch facebook

Facebook Marketplace has been a great selling platform for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses for a while now. The best thing about it – no selling fees whatsoever. Why not sell your handmade items and crafts on Facebook?

Website: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/

Availability: Globally

Fees: None.


Ruby Lane

handmade marketplaces multimerch rubylane

Ruby Lane is the world's largest curated marketplace for vintage fashion and collectibles, antiques, fine art and jewelry. Not really the platform for selling "handmade crafts" in the modern sense of the term, but you might want to check out Ruby Lane if you're dealing with traditional vintage stuff.

Website: https://www.rubylane.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: First, Ruby Lane charges sellers a $100 one-time setup fee, which allows you to list your first 10 items. After the first month of selling on Ruby Lane, you will be required to pay a monthly maintenance cost of $69 per month for up to 80 items, then $0.30 cents per item up to 150 items, $0.20 per item for up to 1000 items, then $0.01 per item. Additionally, Ruby Lane charges a one-time listing fee of $0.19 per item.


Absolute Arts

handmade marketplaces multimerch absolute arts

Absolute Arts is a marketplace for emerging, contemporary artists who offer original artwork for sale. This includes paintings, fine art sculptures and mixed media art.

Website: https://www.absolutearts.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Absolute Arts offers a few different subscription plans that start at $55/year, as well as charges a sales commission of 20% to 35% depending on your sales numbers.



handmade marketplaces multimerch artfire

ArtFire is a marketplace for artisans that allows you to sell handmade goods – from jewelry and crafts to supplies, vintage clothing and digital arts.

Website: https://www.artfire.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: ArtFire requires sellers to join one of the 3 different subscription plans – starting at $4.95/mo for Standard accounts up to $40/mo for Featured accounts. Standard sellers are charged a $0.23 per item listing fee and a 12.75% final valuation fee (selling fee) while Popular and Featured plans only include a 4.5% final valuation fee.


Artful Home

handmade marketplaces multimerch artful home

Artful Home is a curated marketplace for art and craft – from sculpture, art glass and decor to furniture, apparel and jewelry. Again, not a "handmade crafts marketplace", but a great platform for high end artists and designers creating unique pieces of art.

Website: https://www.artfulhome.com/

Availability: United States

Fees: Artful Home is a juried platform, so all new applications go through a 6-8 week vetting process. You will be required to pay a jury fee of $35 every time you apply. If your application is accepted, Artful Home will charge you a one-time membership fee of $300 (possible to pay $25/mo installments). Additionally, the platform takes a 50% commission on every sale you make through the marketplace.



handmade marketplaces multimerch artpal

ArtPal is an art marketplace that allows artists to sell their artwork online. The products available on the platform include paintings, sculptures, photography, as well as jewelry, crafts and fine art, and more.

Website: https://www.artpal.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: None. ArtPal has no membership fees and charges no commissions – the platform generates revenues through their print-on-demand services.


Art In The Heart

handmade marketplaces multimerch art in the heart

Art in the Heart is an online marketplace for handcrafted gifts and art based in the United Kingdom. The platform only accepts artists and makers based in the UK.

Website: https://www.artintheheart.co.uk/

Availability: United Kingdom

Fees: Art in the Heart charges all sellers a 25% selling fee.



handmade marketplaces multimerch cratejoy

Cratejoy is a marketplace platform for subscription boxes that also carries categories such as artisan and handmade items, arts and crafts as well as luxury products. Unlike traditional handmade marketplaces where artisans sell individual items, Cratejoy is built with the idea of monthly subscription boxes in mind.

Website: https://www.cratejoy.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: It costs $39 per month to sell on Cratejoy – you can build your own website as well as list your boxes for sale on the Cratejoy Marketplace. All marketplace sales are subject to an 11.25% + $0.10 transaction fee while a lower fee of 1.25% + $0.10 is imposed on website sales.



handmade marketplaces multimerch ecrater

eCrater is an online marketplace for all kinds of things – similar to eBay, but not as prominent. As of 2019, eCrater has over 200,000 items in the Crafts category, as well as hundreds of thousands of listings in categories such as Art, Collectibles, Glass & Pottery and others.

Website: https://www.ecrater.com/

Availability: Globally, but must ship to the US

Fees: eCrater charges sellers a 2.9% selling fee.



handmade marketplaces multimerch folksy

Folksy is "the home of British craft" – a marketplace for handmade gifts and original artwork created by artisans in the United Kingdom.

Website: https://folksy.com/

Availability: United Kingdom

Fees: Folksy offers sellers two account types – Basic and Plus. The Basic account imposes a listing fee of £0.15/item after the first 3 items while the Plus account costs £5 a month and offers free listings. Folksy also charges sellers a 6% selling commission. In addition to that, Folksy will charge you a payment processing fee: 1.4%/2.9% + £0.20 via Stripe, 3.4% + £0.20 via PayPal.


Handmade Artists' Shop

handmade marketplaces multimerch handmade artists shop

The Handmade Artists' Shop is an online marketplace for buying and selling handmade goods. This includes all kinds of handmade art, crafts and clothing as well as crafting supplies, pattern tutorials and much more – over 25 categories in total.

Website: https://handmadeartists.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: The Handmade Artists' Shop offers sellers a single subscription plan – $5.00/mo or $50.00/year. There are no selling or listing fees.


Handmade in Britain

handmade marketplaces multimerch handmade in britain

Just like the name implies, Handmade in Britain is a company that supports and promotes design and craft talent through fairs, events and pop-ups – as well as by allowing artists to sell through their online marketplace.

Website: https://www.handmadeinbritain.co.uk/

Availability: United Kingdom

Fees: Handmade in Britain charges sellers a 25% to 30% selling fee depending on the sales numbers.



handmade marketplaces multimerch icraftgifts

iCraftGifts is an online marketplace for handmade gifts, arts & crafts, handmade jewelry and home decor.

Website: https://icraftgifts.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: iCraftGifts charges sellers a one-time $25.00 registration fee and offers three subscription tiers at $5, $10 and $12 per month. There are no selling or insertion fees.



handmade marketplaces multimerch luulla

Luulla is a marketplace platform for handmade items that mostly specializes in clothing and dresses, but also offers handmade jewelry and accessories.

Website: https://www.luulla.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Luulla offers sellers three subscription tiers at $15, $29 and $49/mo, as well as charges an 8% transaction fee.


Made By Hand Online

handmade marketplaces multimerch made by hand online

Made by Hand Online is a curated online marketplace and a directory of British makers of handmade contemporary craft & gifts. The main categories featured on Made by Hand Online are jewellery, fashion and home & garden items.

Website: https://madebyhandonline.com/

Availability: United Kingdom

Fees: Made by Hand Online charges a 22% commission on all sales, as well as a yearly membership fee (£170 for the first year, then £120/year).


Made It + Craftumi

handmade marketplaces multimerch madeit

Made It is an Australian marketplace for local handmade gifts, housewares art and fashion. The platform features Australia's most creative art, design & crafting talent. Made It has a sister site called Craftumi, which is aimed at sellers offering supplies for creating art and craft.

Websites: https://madeit.com.au/ & https://www.craftumi.com.au/

Availability: Australia

Fees: Made It offers four different quarterly subscription plans from $4/mo to $50/mo ($12 to $150 a quarter) and charges no selling commissions or listing fees.


Not on the high street

handmade marketplaces multimerch not on the high street

Not on the high street is a curated marketplace of unique gifts and crafts from over 5000 artisans and small businesses in the United Kingdom.

Website: https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/

Availability: United Kingdom

Fees: NOTHS charges a one-time signup fee of £199, there are no selling, listing or transaction fees.



handmade marketplaces multimerch rebels market

RebelsMarket is an online marketplace of alternative clothing, shoes, handmade jewelry, original art and home decor from sellers all around the world.

Website: https://www.rebelsmarket.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: RebelsMarket charges sellers a 15% selling fee on all sales.



handmade marketplaces multimerch storenvy

Storenvy is an online marketplace and a store builder for indie brands and small businesses.

Website: https://www.storenvy.com/

Fees: Storenvy charges a 15% selling fee on all marketplace and "marketplace-assisted" sales.



handmade marketplaces multimerch trouva

Trouva is the curated marketplace for bricks and mortar independent shops and boutiques selling unique homeware and lifestyle products. You need to own a physical shop with fixed opening hours to join Trouva.

Website: https://www.trouva.com/

Availability: Globally


Wolf & Badger

handmade marketplaces multimerch wolf and badger

Wolf & Badger is a retailer and a curated marketplace for independent, ethical and unique fashion, homeware and beauty brands in the United Kingdom

Website: https://www.wolfandbadger.com/

Availability: United Kingdom

Fees: Wolf & Badger charges a 25% selling fee on all marketplace sales.


Zibbet + ACMoore

handmade marketplaces multimerch zibbet

Zibbet Marketplace is a platform for independent creatives to sell unique handmade products, fine art, vintage and craft. Zibbet also offers a solution to connect sellers to multiple marketplace platforms and has partnered with A.C. Moore in creating a new, better marketplace platform.

Website: https://marketplace.zibbet.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Zibbet charges users a flat fee of $5 per month per channel to list items on multiple platforms, including the Zibbet Marketplace. There are no listing or selling fees on Zibbet Marketplace.

The less popular alternative platforms


handmade marketplaces multimerch aftcra

Aftcra is an online marketplace platform of American handmade products such as jewelry, decorative arts and handicrafts. The main goal of Aftcra marketplace is to support local artists and artisans in the United States.

Website: https://www.aftcra.com/

Availability: United States

Fees: Aftcra charges a 7% transaction fee for all sales on the platform. There are no listing or membership fees.



handmade marketplaces multimerch articents

Articents is a marketplace for independent craftsmen and collectors to market and sell unique handmade and vintage items online. It aims to reduce the cost of selling online for artisans and is free to join and sell.

Website: http://www.articents.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Free, $5.00/mo for extra features such as store personalization



handmade marketplaces multimerch cargoh

Cargoh is a curated marketplace platform for independent artists, designers and musicians. It aims to build a community for independent handmade store owners around the world.

Website: https://www.cargoh.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Cargoh charges a 10% sales fee on all sales.


Craft is Art

handmade marketplaces multimerch craft is art

Craft is Art is a marketplace for handmade crafts, fine art, supplies and vintage.

Website: https://www.craftisart.com/

Availability: United States

Fees: Craft is Art offers sellers two subscription ties – Free and Premium. The Free plan comes with a 5.5% sales commission and 100 free listings ($0.15 listing fee for additional items, $0.75 for premium listings), the Premium plan has no sales or listing fees and costs $7.99/mo or $79.99/year.


GLC Craft Mall

handmade marketplaces multimerch glc craft mall

GLC Craft Mall is a marketplace of independently owned stores operated by artists and crafters.

Website: https://www.glccraftmall.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: GLC Craft Mall offers three subscription tiers from $4.50/mo to $12/mo and charges a 5% selling fee for all plans.



handmade marketplaces multimerch handmade catalog

HandmadeCatalog is a marketplace for unusual and uncommon gifts, decor and gourmet foods hand-crafted by professional makers in the United States.

Website: http://www.handmadecatalog.com/

Availability: United States

Fees: HandmadeCatalog has three subscription plans from $4.95/mo to $12.95/mo and charges no listing or transaction fees.


Hyena Cart + Indie Cart

handmade marketplaces multimerch hyena cart indie cartHyena Cart and Indie Cart are marketplace platforms for environmentally friendly, handcrafted goods both operated by a single company. According to the Hyena Cart blog, both projects are to be merged together in the near future.

Websites: https://hyenacart.com/ & https://indiecart.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Hyena Cart charges as subscription fee of $7.50 per month and no listing or selling fees.


Meylah Marketplace

handmade marketplaces multimerch meylah marketplace

Meylah Marketplace is an ecommerce platform for independent and small businesses run by a software company Meylah.

Website: https://marketplace.meylah.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Meylah charges a subscription fee of $20/month and a 2.75% transaction fee on all sales.


Shop Handmade

handmade marketplaces multimerch shop handmade

Shop Handmade is an online marketplace for fun and creative handmade items, vintage products and crafting supplies.

Website: http://www.shophandmade.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Shop Handmade charges no mandatory fees, but allows sellers to specify an optional sold item fee.


On-demand printing marketplaces for merch


handmade marketplaces multimerch cafepress

CafePress is an online marketplace platform and an on demand printing platform for custom t-shirts, stickers, posters and other merchandise. It allows third party designers and sellers create their own stores and offer designs and items for sale through the marketplace.

Website: https://www.cafepress.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: CafePress charges a 10% selling fee for items and an 8% selling fee for designs sold through the marketplace (paid by the buyer).



handmade marketplaces multimerch redbubble

Red Bubble is a marketplace and an on demand merchandise platform for independent creatives selling shirts, stickers, phone cases and other similar products.

Website: https://www.redbubble.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Red Bubble doesn't charge selling or listing fees, but defines base prices for product categories and allows artists to set their own margin on top of the base price.



handmade marketplaces multimerch society6

Society 6 is a merchandise marketplace for art prints, iPhone cases, t-shirts and other products by artists and designers around the world.

Website: https://society6.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Society 6 charges a 10% selling fee on all products except art prints, framed art prints and stretched canvas product, where the margins are determined by the sellers.



handmade marketplaces multimerch spoonflower

Spoonflower is an on demand digital printing marketplace for custom fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap and surface designs created by independent designers, sewists, crafters and makers.

Website: https://www.spoonflower.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Spoonflower pays sellers a 10% royalty of the retail price of the sale.



handmade marketplaces multimerch threadless

Threadless is an online marketplace platform for print-on-demand products like t-shirts, art prints, iphone cases and other on demand items, as well as apparel, accessories and home decor.

Website: https://www.threadless.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Threadless allows sellers to specify their own markup on top of the base price, which is defined on a category basis.



handmade marketplaces multimerch zazzle

Zazzle is a print-on-demand marketplace for t-shirts, mugs and other items that allows designers to create products with independent manufacturers and use imagery by partner companies like Disney and Hallmark.

Website: https://www.zazzle.com/

Availability: Globally

Fees: Zazzle allows designers to sell their own royalty rates between 5% and 99%.


Artisan directories, showcases, communities, galleries


handmade marketplaces multimerch aerende

Aerende is a social enterprise that offers sustainable craft homewares, handmade products and interior items created by people facing social challenges in the United Kingdom.

Website: https://www.aerende.co.uk/

Availability: United Kingdom


Arts Thread

handmade marketplaces multimerch arts thread

Arts Thread is a digital community platform for emerging artists that allows designers to showcase their portfolios and take part in competitions and events.

Website: https://www.artsthread.com/

Availability: Globally


Association of Illustrators

handmade marketplaces multimerch association of illustrators

The Association of Illustrators is a trade association and a community that provides contract and business support to illustrators, champions illustrators' rights and runs competitions and events.

Website: https://theaoi.com/

Availability: United Kingdom


Contemporary Glass Society

handmade marketplaces multimerch contemporary glass society

The Contemporary Glass Society is an association of artists, collectors, students, organisations galleries, manufacturers and enthusiasts of glass art.

Website: https://www.cgs.org.uk/

Availability: Globally


Crafts Council Directory

handmade marketplaces multimerch crafts council

The Crafts Council is the national development agency for contemporary craft in the United Kingdom. The Crafts Council Directory lists the best contemporary craft makers in the United Kingdom.

Website: https://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/directory/

Availability: United Kingdom


Crafty Fox Market + Shopping with Soul

handmade marketplaces multimerch crafty fox market

Crafty Fox Market is a community of United Kingdom's best independent designers and makers. Shopping with Soul is a curated directory of designers, makers and independent businesses.

Websites: https://www.craftyfoxmarket.co.uk/ & https://www.shoppingwithsoul.co.uk/

Availability: United Kingdom


Bluprint (formerly Craftsy)

handmade marketplaces multimerch bluprint

Bluprint is a learning community for artisans that offers courses created by world-class experts.

Website: https://www.mybluprint.com/

Availability: Globally


Designers / Makers

handmade marketplaces multimerch designers makers

Designers / Makers is an agency and a directory for contemporary design and craft that provides business support, events and opportunities for independent designers and creators.

Website: https://www.designersmakers.com/

Availability: United Kingdom


Design Nation

handmade marketplaces multimerch design nation

Design Nation is a portfolio and a directory of some of the most acclaimed and innovative designers and craftspeople from across the United Kingdom.

Website: https://www.designnation.co.uk/

Availability: United Kingdom


Eclectic Artisans

handmade marketplaces multimerch eclectic artisans

Eclectic Artisans is a curated online gallery showcasing handcrafted contemporary jewelry created by artisans worldwide.

Website: https://eclecticartisans.com/

Availability: Globally



handmade marketplaces multimerch ello

Ello is a social networking service and a community showcasing art, photography, fashion and web culture.

Website: https://ello.co/

Availability: Globally


I Made It! Market

handmade marketplaces multimerch i made it market

I Made It! Market is community of Pittsburgh's makers that provides handmade artist highlights, pop-up shops and events.

Website: https://www.imadeitmarket.com/

Availability: Pittsburgh, United States


Online Ceramics

handmade marketplaces multimerch online ceramics

Online Ceramics is a gallery and a community featuring the top artists in contemporary British studio pottery.

Website: https://www.onlineceramics.com/

Availability: United Kingdom


Rockett St George

handmade marketplaces multimerch rockett st george

Rockett St George is an online interiors company selling domestic homewares with quirky style. Independent homeware designers can apply for a trade account with Rockett St George.

Website: https://www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk/

Availability: United Kingdom


Shop Handmade UK

handmade marketplaces multimerch shop handmade uk

Shop Handmade UK is a directory of United Kingdom's independent designer-makers creating quality homemade goods.

Website: http://www.shophandmade.co.uk/

Availability: United Kingdom


The Future Kept

handmade marketplaces multimerch the future kept

The Future Kept is a curated collection of consciously crafted, responsibly and ethically sourced homeware products from United Kingdom's local makers and artisans.

Website: https://thefuturekept.com/

Availability: United Kingdom


Yoyo and Flo

handmade marketplaces multimerch yoyo and flo toys

Yoyo and Flo is a curated showcase for the most innovative and unusual design-led toy brands and nursery decor from the United Kingdom and Europe.

Website: https://www.yoyoandflo.com/

Availability: Globally


The ones that got closed down or acquired

This is the list of handmade marketplaces that didn't make it to 2019 for various reasons. Some of them have officially closed down, a few were acquired by larger platforms, the rest just went silent at some point (many due to a broken marketplace revenue model, I assume).

I'm including these names here mostly for historical purposes:

  • All Things Original
  • Artisna dead/closed
  • Artyah
  • DaWanda (acquired by Etsy)
  • Coriandr
  • Country Finest
  • Craftly/Goodsmiths
  • EthicalStores
  • Free Craft Fair
  • Hatch.co
  • JustCustom/JustHandmade
  • madeitmyself
  • My E Hive
  • Not Mass Produced
  • PoppyTalkHandmade
  • Shopwindoz
  • Silkfair
  • ShopWindoz
  • SwankyMaison
  • Tictail (acquired by Shopify)
  • UglyBeGone
  • Withal
  • Yokaboo

Who knows, perhaps one day we'll see some of them pop back up again – but for now you'll need to stick to the other platforms for all your handmade marketplace needs.


Did I miss anything?

So there you have it – the big list of handmade marketplaces and artisan platforms.

Are you more into fashion? Check out my other roundup of fashion marketplace platforms.

Building your own marketplace platform? Read my Guide to Marketplaces.

Now, I'm pretty sure I missed at least a few here, especially the regional ones. Would love to add them to the list.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!

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