Introducing MultiMerch dashboards

Back in summer, we introduced MultiMerch dashboards - a tool for MultiMerch marketplace owners and vendors designed to provide an overview of the current state of the marketplace and seller stores.

Today, I'm happy to introduce a redesign of MultiMerch dashboards for both marketplace owners and sellers.

MultiMerch marketplace owner dashboard

The new marketplace owner dashboard is designed to be as useful as the previous version, but provide information in a more user-friendly way.

multimerch admin dashboard full

First, MultiMerch marketplace owners now have complete data on their marketplace numbers displayed in the top tiles. These show the total number of sellers, products and orders in the marketplace, as well as total revenues, totals across seller balances and data on product views and customers.

The main focus of the new dashboard is the MultiMerch sales analytics chart. The chart displays historical data on orders and revenues grouped by months with additional information for each month displayed in a tooltip.
multimerch admin dashboard totals graph

The sales analytics chart is followed by four "top" blocks. These display the top countries by sales numbers, most valued customers, top sellers and the best selling products.

multimerch admin dashboard tops

MultiMerch tops are designed to provide the marketplace owners with valuable information on where exactly does the marketplace get its revenues from for further actions.

Finally, the new marketplace owner dashboard offers the same activity fees that were present in the original one - marketplace activity and latest orders.

Marketplace activity keeps track of all events happening in the marketplace such as newly created products, new seller registrations and customer activity. This provides an overview of the happenings in the marketplace at a glance.

multimerch admin dashboard activity

Latest orders is just what it sounds like - the list of the latest orders created in the marketplace. The list makes it easier for the marketplace administration to keep track of newly created orders without having to open the main list of orders.

We are really proud of the new dashboard and hope to make it a great start for our MultiMerch redesign process!

MultiMerch vendor dashboards

In addition the the new administrator dashboards, we've also updated seller dashboards and gave them a modern style.

multimerch seller dashboard full

Seller dashboards now follow the same pattern as the ones for the marketplace administration.

On top, MultiMerch displays the total numbers for the seller's store. These include the current balance, total earnings, total orders and product views.

Following the totals is seller's own sales analytics chart, which displays the historical sales data for their store.

multimerch seller dashboard graph

MultiMerch also offers sellers an insight into their tops via the top selling and top viewed products charts.

multimerch seller dashboard tops

Finally, seller dashboards display four lists with data on recent activity in their store - latest orders, latest reviews, new customer messages and the latest invoices.

multimerch seller dashboard latest

This lets MultiMerch sellers keep track of the day to day activity in their stores without leaving the dashboard.

multimerch seller dashboard messages


Responsive and mobile friendly

MultiMerch uses Chart.js to power its dashboards - and we paid extra attention to make sure they are responsive and can be used on mobile devices.

This is the first step towards making all MultiMerch interfaces modern, responsive and mobile-friendly for 2018.

MultiMerch dashboards with custom themes

When designing the new seller dashboards, we took custom themes into account. Thus, all of our partner themes will have no issues displaying the new dashboards.

Since Basel is our new favorite theme, we specifically made sure it has no problems with the dashboards.

As you may have noticed, all seller account screenshots in this blog post are made with Basel theme installed.

Furthermore, we've just uploaded the new dashboards to our public demo running Basel - be sure to check it out here:

Visit the new MultiMerch Demo with Dashboards

Dashboards will be part of the upcoming MultiMerch release, so stay tuned!

Martin Boss

Martin Boss

I'm the founder of MultiMerch, a fan of great software and a marketplace ecommerce enthusiast. Hit me up on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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