Journal2 compatibility improvements for MultiMerch 8.12.1

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We do maintain compatibility packages for the most popular OpenCart themes out there – Journal2, Shoppica, Pavilion, Technopolis, Kiddos, Trendo and Organie, as well as MoneyMaker2 for Russian marketplaces.

In some cases, we have a hard time getting our hands on the very latest updates, especially for themes that get updated often – Journal2 is one of these – so it may take us a while to get all integrations updated to the very latest theme releases.

Today, I wanted to share with you a few updates regarding our Journal2 compatibility pack – we finally got it updated to the latest Journal v2.15.8 and MultiMerch 8.12.1!

Seller stores

Up until the very latest version, MultiMerch has been using deprecated image size settings for product image sizes in seller stores and seller profiles.

We're now changing this to have MultiMerch pull the product image size setting from OpenCart settings, which will make products appearing in seller stores and seller profiles look in line with the rest of the marketplace.

We've also cleaned up Journal compatibility files to use Journal's product output style, which makes it possible to use Quick View, display ratings and discounts in seller stores in the same way this happens on marketplace pages.

Finally, seller's category listing and product filters are now also displayed correctly using Journal styles.

Seller profiles

Seller profile pages is another thing we cleaned up specifically for Journal.

The main issue with seller pages on older Journal setups was inconsistent product display in the Newly published products section.

This has now been fixed so that Journal will use correct styles and product image sizes in seller profiles.

We did not change the overall layout of seller profiles as it will be completely redesigned as part of our ongoing MultiMerch user experience improvement project.

Seller accounts

In addition to front store pages, we also made sure seller account pages and various interfaces are displayed uniformly when using Journal.

First, this covers the new scrollable category dropdowns in product publishing and category management forms.

Second, we've gone through the new coupon system interfaces in MultiMerch 8.12 and made sure coupons are getting displayed correctly.

The new coupon creation will be further updated in the next version of Journal2 compatibility pack to bring dropdowns up to Journal's style.

Finally, we checked the rest of seller accounts pages to make sure nothing breaks with Journal 2.15.8, including product listing pages and product imports.

You can now download the new Journal2 compatibility pack version 1.5 for MultiMerch 8.12.1 in your accounts.

If there's something we missed – definitely let us know!

A similar ThemeBurn integration update is coming soon, followed by the MoneyMaker2 update – so stay tuned!


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