Making MultiMerch dashboards pretty

Last week, I shared this screenshot on Facebook. This is our team working together in RealtimeBoard to discuss and plan improvements to MultiMerch marketplace administrator's and sellers' dashboards.

multimerch dashboards collaboration

Here's a little story behind this.

Dashboards have become available in MultiMerch this summer – as part of the MultiMerch 8.9 release. However, little thought was put into design back then.

So, while MultiMerch does display a whole lot of data for admins and sellers in their dashboards, it doesn't look too pretty.

So much text! Boring.

OpenCart's default dashboard looks way nicer in comparison, even though it provides less useful info.

Fortunately, I've recently gotten to realize that implementing rich functionality is only one part of building a great product – appealing design and usability is at least as important.

Thus, we'll now be devoting much more time to doing user experience studies and focusing on design and usability when implementing new features and updating the existing ones.

And we're not limiting this to MultiMerch features – OpenCart has a lot of bad interfaces that need improvement. We'll fix them, too.

While we're at it, here's an updated screenshot with a bit more going on with MultiMerch dashboards.

That's all I can share for today, but stay tuned – it won't be long now!


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