MultiMerch 8.5.2 update is now available!

Did you know that M in Monday stands for MultiMerch?

We've just released MultiMerch 8.5.2, which is a bugfix update to MultiMerch 8.5. However, there's lots of things in it – check it out:

OpenCart coupon and voucher fixes/warnings

OpenCart coupons are designed for single vendor shopping carts and may behave incorrectly in multivendor environments. This update makes it possible to use % coupons in multivendor shopping carts – the coupon % is applied to all products in cart – and adds a warning for fixed price coupons which can't be used for multivednor carts.

Fixed PayPal Adaptive checkout commission calculation

MultiMerch 8.5.2 makes it possible to use MultiMerch PayPal Adaptive payments correctly again with MultiMerch Shipping enabled by introducing fixes to Adaptive commission calculation at checkout.

Customer's currency in Shipping checkout step

MultiMerch uses store currency in internal vendor account interfaces, but customer's currency should be used in all front-facing interfaces, including MultiMerch Shipping step at checkout. MultiMerch 8.5.2 fixes this behavior.

"File" type option fixes and updates

It has been possible for vendors to use "File" type options when creating products for a long time, but really difficult to see the actual files uploaded by customers when purchasing products. Starting with 8.5.2, customers' files are now visible in vendor dashboards and order details as well as in "New order" emails.

Various bugfixes

In addition to the major fixes, MultiMerch 8.5.2 introduces a number of minor updates and bugfixes related to language/translation strings, product fields and emails. Here's the complete 8.5.2 changelog:


2017-02-13 Version 8.5.2 changelog

  • Fixed PayPal Adaptive checkout commission calculation
  • Fixed % coupon application to vendor balances
  • Replaced store default currency with customer's currency in "Shipping" checkout step
  • Added fixed coupon and voucher warning for multivendor carts
  • Fixed "required" field missing bug when saving specific product options
  • Fixed "file" type option values not being displayed to vendors in dashboard & order emails
  • Fixed "out of stock" status being set to 0 when field disabled – now using the first available status
  • Fixed "loading" button captions
  • Fixed missing translation strings in vendor accounts
  • Fixed incorrect status in "vendor account modified" emails to vendors
  • Replaced MultiMerch text strings with OpenCart ones in "customer" part of the Account sidebar module
  • Various minor fixes


P.S. Even though it's a stable version of MultiMerch, we always recommend making backups before updating. Theme integrations and translations will be updated to 8.5.2 within the next few days :)

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Martin Boss

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