MultiMerch 8.5.3 Stable and 8.6 Beta Released

Hi guys,

Martin here with an update real quick!

There are two separate archives of MultiMerch available in your accounts today – MultiMerch 8.5.3 (stable) and MultiMerch 8.6 (beta).

What's the difference?

MultiMerch 8.5.3

MultiMerch 8.5.3 is a bugfix update to MultiMerch 8.5. Here's what's been fixed and changed:

  • Fixed shipping methods not saved when no "Shipping from" value specified
  • Fixed account sidebar loading incorrect language strings
  • Fixed decimal/thousand separator bug in combined shipping settings
  • Fixed order total calculation in vendor order details and invoices
  • Added missing "intl" extension checks
  • Added price and images as default product fields
  • Added minimum order quantity product field

So, if you're updating your live stores, this one's for you. If you also feel like testing out upcoming stuff, read on.

MultiMerch 8.6 Beta

MultiMerch 8.6 is an upcoming release that finally allows vendors to create their own product options and attributes in addition to the ones that are predefined by the marketplace owner.

This is huge – this has been in our plans for a long time and once it's out and stable MultiMerch will be much more flexible and suitable of marketplaces of all kinds while taking the burden of creating hundreds of options and attributes off the marketplace owner.

Here's a little preview!

However, Beta means it's not a stable MultiMerch version yet and is only meant for testing – don't upgrade your live stores to MultiMerch 8.6 yet! Feel free to give it a try on your development or local server and definitely let us know if you find any issues, though :)

P.S. ShopMe and Journal2 integrations have been updated to MultiMerch 8.5.3!

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Martin Boss

Martin is the founder of MultiMerch, an ex-OpenCart developer and an e-commerce enthusiast.You can also find him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Quora.