MultiMerch 8.5 Available!

Happy Friday!

By the way, we've just released MultiMerch Marketplace 8.5 – you can now all download it from your MultiMerch accounts. Here's what's new and improved:

Base rate for combined shipping rules

Vendors can now specify a base rate for each combined shipping rule. This means MultiMerch will apply it to vendor's cart as is instead of using a "cost per weight" calculation. The latter one is still possible, too!

Default weight measurement for combined shipping rules

MultiMerch will now use store's default weight measurement for all vendor shipping rules instead of having vendors select the same measurement for each rule individually. This saves vendors extra time when creating rules and is also in line with OpenCart's default "weight-based shipping settings".

Additional vendor controls for marketplace admins

Marketplace administrators will now have access to more information about the vendor when editing vendor accounts, such as products, transactions, payments & payment requests and more. We'll be expanding this list with additional info such as orders, ratings and PM conversations in the near future.

Removing payment requests and payments

It is now possible for the marketplace admin to delete unneeded payment requests and payments in MultiMerch. We're also working on a new "Manual payment" gateway that will make it possible to mark payment requests as paid manually.

Logging and debug improvements

MultiMerch 8.5 makes it possible to specify filenames for MultiMerch log files and adds more debug information to various transaction and order-related functions to make it easier to debug and fix issues caused by third party themes and plugins. MultiMerch will now also list server errors in addition to OpenCart and vQmod errors in the MultiMerch Debug area for easier debugging.

More input validation and notices

We've introduced a new set of input validation routines to MultiMerch shipping configuration and a few other areas that will help the users configure MultiMerch correctly instead of clearing incorrect inputs on submission to make the process of configuring MultiMerch more user friendly.

Various minor improvements and bugfixes

As always, we've been listening to your feedback, fixing bugs and implementing improvements throughout MultiMerch. I really appreciate all of your feedback – keep it coming!

P.S. Even though it's a stable version of MultiMerch, please do make backups before updating – we recommend doing this as often as possible anyway :)

P.P.S. As usual, you can always keep track of the latest MultiMerch changes in our Changelog here:


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