MultiMerch 8.7.2 and order system improvements

MultiMerch 8.7.2 is now available in your accounts! Here's what's new:

Order system improvements

Customers can now view a detailed order breakdown by vendor when purchasing products from multiple vendors. This makes it easy to track which products have been dispatched and which are still pending as well as contact individual vendors from the "order details" page.

Vendors have received an improved "order details" page as well – it is now easier to manage order statuses as well as respond to customer inquiries on the same page.

Admin order interfaces have received the biggest improvements – admins can now also view order breakdown by vendor as well as view balance transactions that have been created for this specific order for each vendor. This makes it much easier to get the complete overview of which vendors were paid so far.

Messaging restyling

Most of this was introduced in MultiMerch 8.7.1 and improved further in MultiMerch 8.7.2.

All messaging interfaces have received a responsive design facelift - individual customer and vendor conversation pages, conversations within the "view order" page as well as admin interfaces for conversation management.

Other things

MultiMerch 8.7.2 introduces a number of other improvements, bugfixes and theme integration fixes.  The complete list of MultiMerch 8.7.x changes can be found on our Changelog page.

Martin Boss

Martin Boss

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