CSV imports and marketplace activity in MultiMerch 8.8 Beta


It's a beautiful summer here in Europe, but we're not letting it distract us from our work on MultiMerch improvements.

MultiMerch 8.8 Beta is now available in your accounts!

Here's what this means:

CSV product import for vendors

We have been tweaking and improving our product import system for a while now and we believe it's now ready for Beta.

Vendors can now import products en masse from CSV files in 3 easy steps:

Field mapping makes it easier for vendors to use CSV product feeds exported from other marketplaces without forcing vendors to convert all CSV files into MultiMerch structure as well as to update existing products in bulk.

In one of the future updates, we will additionally make it possible to import products and automatically map custom options and attributes to existing MultiMerch fields.

Marketplace activity log

Another new feature that we introduce in MultiMerch 8.8 Beta is the MultiMerch marketplace activity log.

This is a new system that keeps track of things happening in the marketplace and presents the marketplace owner with a marketplace activity overview.

Marketplace activity keeps track of new vendor signups, vendor account modifications, product publications and edits as well as new customers and orders.

In the future we'll extend it to track other events as well as display relevant events when viewing individual objects, e.g. activity for a specific order or a vendor account.

Obligatory Beta warning! Please note that MultiMerch 8.8 is still in Beta and we recommend not to upgrade your live marketplaces to this version yet and only use it for testing purposes.

As usual, we're improving MultiMerch based on your feedback and appreciate all of it - so keep it coming. You can now take part in MultiMerch feature discussions in MultiMerch Forums, too!

Martin Boss

Martin Boss

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