MultiMerch Community Forums

Back in the earlier days of MultiMerch, we had our own community forums set up to let customers, developers and vendors discuss various MultiMerch concepts and receive community support.

The place wasn't too active and unfortunately we had to shut it down less than a year later. Now, we've decided to create a new community around MultiMerch and keep it as active as possible.

From now on, all of you can start and take part in MultiMerch discussions in our new community forum we've just set up:

At the moment it is mostly intended for community support requests and custom theme support, but in the next few days and weeks we'll add subforums for other topics and other languages.

From our side, we'll try to keep our whole team available and answering your questions and comments so that this time it goes right.

If you have an account here on MultiMerch website, you can use the same credentials to log into your MultiMerch forums account!

So, please go take a look, sign in and start a discussion or two! Meanwhile, I'll prepare a bunch of new MultiMerch update posts that you've been missing out on during the last few weeks.

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