MultiMerch Development Newsletter #12


From now on we'll try to release a minor update of MultiMerch every week and a major one every other week.

So, last week we've been working on some minor updates and bugfixes. The new MultiMerch is now available in your accounts and here's what's in it:

MultiMerch updates:

  • Fixed commissions calculations in checkout
  • Fixed seller name display in order details
  • Fixed digital product publishing setting
  • Fixed minor language variable bugs
  • Added integration pack version to debug info
  • Added loading spinners to form submission buttons
  • Fixed setting image removal sprite (X) being displayed incorrectly on some themes

This is taken directly from our Changelog – do check it out once in a while!

Also, here's what you can expect in the near future:

  • Attributes, options and categories for vendors
  • PayPal Adaptive updates and bugfixes
  • OpenCart coupon & gift voucher integration in MultiMerch
  • as well as more theme integrations and updates!

In addition to this, we're working on a new MultiMerch forum that will make it a breeze to discuss existing and upcoming features, provide feedback for the MultiMerch system and development, suggest and discuss concepts as well as have a helpful community to provide unofficial support and customization.

As always – stay tuned for updates!

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Martin Boss

Martin is the founder of MultiMerch, an ex-OpenCart developer and an e-commerce enthusiast.You can also find him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Quora.