MultiMerch summer recap: notifications, holiday mode, complaints, filters and more

This summer, we've been working round the clock to improve the marketplace experience for you, your vendors and your customers alike.

Some of the exciting things I'll cover in this update are:

  • the new notifications
  • holiday mode for vendors
  • customer complaint/reporting system
  • automated product filters
  • and the one page vendor signup

Here's how it all works:

Multichannel notifications for stores and marketplace staff

The sooner you and your store owners get notified about new events happening in the marketplace, the better the experience of everyone involved.

Getting notified lets your vendors dispatch orders and respond to customer feedback more quickly and also lets your marketplace staff stay in control of the marketplace.

The upcoming version of MultiMerch introduces a brand new notification system – we'll begin with onsite notifications and add more channels in the future:

Right now, MultiMerch will notify vendors about new orders and order status changes, new unpaid invoices and payouts received, as well as about new feedback from the customers and new private messages.

Additionally, you and your marketplace staff will receive new notifications about the most important events in the marketplace, such as new orders, customers and vendors, new products published by vendors, new invoices paid and new messages in conversations you're part of:

At the moment MultiMerch supports onsite notifications, but we'll be expanding the system with the new and improved emails, browser, text and in-app mobile notifications.


Holiday mode for sellers

You can't work 24/7 – and neither can your vendors.

MultiMerch now lets your sellers put their stores in holiday mode to temporarily stop accepting new orders.

When a store is placed in holiday mode, customers can't purchase products from this seller:

multimerch holiday mode sellers

We don't disable the products. This ensures the store doesn't lose its search engine rankings and can instantly get back to selling as soon as the store owner is ready.


Customer complaint management

As a marketplace owner, you can't always keep an eye on everyone and everything in your marketplace.

MultiMerch now makes it possible for customers to flag/report individual products or sellers for offensive content or marketplace rule violations.

report seller multimerch

You and your marketplace staff will have an overview of all the reports to review and act upon them if necessary.

In the near future, the complaints will be tied into the notification and messaging systems for instant notifications about new complaints and a quick way to get in touch with store owners.



Also, in case you've missed this, here are some of the things we've implemented recently that are already available in MultiMerch:



Automated faceted category filters

Product filters are crucial for a great shopping experience for your customers.

We've recently introduced an Ajax category filtering system with support for product options, attributes and custom fields into MultiMerch.

The filters are fully automated with no configuration or controls required from your side.

MultiMerch will pick up all options, attributes and custom fields available in the current category and only display the filters that are available to customers right now.

In the near future, we will be extending our filters to also support store pages and search results, as well as introduce filtering by individual stores and custom SEO URLs for individual filter pages.


One page seller registration with field selection

You want your new sellers to sign up with your marketplace as seamlessly as possible.

To make it happen, we've recently introduced a one-page seller signup in MultiMerch – and a way for you to choose the fields you want your sellers to fill out:

multimerch seller form settings

This lets you design your registration flow with as many or as few fields you need for your marketplace type:

In some of the next updates, we will also make it possible to add a set of custom fields to your vendor sign up forms.

Will share more exciting news shortly – meanwhile, stay tuned for the upcoming release!

P.S. If you're an existing MultiMerch user, we've extended our offer to upgrade your yearly license to a lifetime license for one more month – get in touch with me for more about the deal.

Martin Boss

Martin Boss

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