munin: There is nothing to do here

I was configuring munin monitoring tool for my server today and although the configuration wasn't difficult, I had some issues with munin.conf file, especially the hostname part.

At first I just specified my domain name like this:

use_node_name yes

With this configuration munin created a folder named cc instead of, which wasn't what I wanted. I then saw a comment in the config file suggesting to add a semicolon right after the hostname to tell munin it's a domain, so I tried doing it:

use_node_name yes

This looked right, but all it produced was a munin error message stating that
[FATAL] There is nothing to do here, since there are no nodes with any plugins.

It turned out I had to specify that I want totals produced for this domain, so I ended up with the following hostname config:

use_node_name yes

This made the annoying error go away and finally made my stats work.

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  • Beo

    Very helpful tip, man. Thank you.

  • Wowza, prbloem solved like it never happened.

  • Tilion

    Kudos man !

  • papabia

    my case is "munin doesn´t accept upper case characters in the hostname"

  • Cool .. it solved the issue .. Thanx!