OpenCart with Journal2 and MultiMerch Marketplace

Updated on 29/06/2016 for OpenCart 2.x

This post is out of date as of 29/06/2016. We now have a complete guide on installing OpenCart, MultiMerch & Journal2. Click the link below to see the new guide.

MultiMerch Docs: OpenCart with MultiMerch & Journal2


While being one of the most popular and feature-rich custom themes for OpenCart, Journal2 by Digital Atelier is also known to have compatibility issues with MultiMerch out of the box. Lately, we've cooperated with Digital Atelier to create a MultiMerch integration package for Journal2 that makes it easier.

This guide briefly covers a complete installation of OpenCart, MultiMerch and Journal.

Installing OpenCart with vQmod

There's a lot of different OpenCart installation tutorials that cover the installation in detail, so we'll only outline the main steps you need to perform to install OpenCart on your server:

  • Download the latest version of OpenCart from the official OpenCart website.
  • Unpack the archive and upload the contents of the upload/ folder from the archive to your server.
  • Visit your server to run OpenCart's installation script and follow the installation procedure.
  • Download the latest version of vQmod for OpenCart from vQmod's repository on GitHub. Make sure you download vQmod for OpenCart, not vQmod Standalone.
  • Unpack the archive, upload the contents of the vQmod archive to your server and run vQmod's installation script by visiting the /vqmod/install/ link  in your browser. Make sure index.php files and the vqmod/ folder are writable.

That will get you a clean installation of the latest OpenCart version with vQmod enabled.


Installing Journal2

Journal2 is a premium OpenCart theme so you'll need to purchase it from ThemeForest first. When you have the theme purchased, please see the official Journal Documentation for the installation procedure.

Once you've finished installing Journal2, you'll have a clean OpenCart store running the Journal2 template.

Installing MultiMerch with Journal2 integration files

When you have OpenCart with Journal running smoothly, proceed to installing MultiMerch for OpenCart. Our documentation covers the installation process in detail, so we'll only outline the steps required to install MultiMerch:

  • Download the latest version of MultiMerch
  • Unpack the archive, rename/copy the default template folder to your theme's folder name and upload the contents of the multimerch_marketplace/upload/ folder from the archive to your server. For the Complete Package, also do this for every addon you want to install.
  • Enable your theme in vQmod's vqmod/pathReplaces.php file.
  • Download the latest version of MultiMerch-Journal2 integration files. Please note that it's version-specific, so we'll be trying to keep it up to date with the latest versions of Multimerch and Journal2.
  • Unpack the archive and upload the contents of the upload/ folder to your OpenCart installation folder. Warning: this will overwrite two of MultiMerch's original vQmod files inside the xml/ folder (multimerch_core_productpage.xml and multimerch_core_sellermenu.xml), so make sure to make a backup of them! This also means you'll need to merge those two files manually if you have made any modifications to those files.
  • Install MultiMerch via Admin > Extensions > Modules > [Install].


That's it. When this is done, you should be able to see MultiMerch-specific seller information throughout your store, including:

  • Seller profile on the product page
  • Seller navigation menu on top of the page and in the account sidebar (if you have them enabled)
  • Link to the seller registration form on the login page
  • Various MultiMerch pages being styled properly


Martin is the founder of MultiMerch who has dedicated his life to building great products.

  • Stanley Gitau

    Kindly help me figure out where the problem is. I have followed your steps to the letter

    Notice: Undefined property: Loader::$registry in /home3/company/public_html/ on line 12

    Fatal error: Call to a member function set() on a non-object in /home3/company/public_html/ on line 12

    registry->set($key, $value);

    /* End of Journal2 modification */

  • maya

    i have the same issue on loading system/engine/loader.php .my opencart version and journal2 theme 2.5.5.Can u help me ?

  • 王鼎傑


    Opencart with journal & multimerch the rwd is not work smooth?

    in the page "index.php?route=seller/catalog-seller/profile&seller_id=1"

    can u help me please T^T

    • Martin at MultiMerch

      Yes, the current version of Journal doesn't yet completely work together with MultiMerch. We will publish an update to the compatibility package as soon as this is fixed.

  • bakayoko


    I use the opencart release. I install the multimerch. but I do not see the seller's information on the product page of the theme that I use. GLOBETHM.

    I want to have a solution.

    • Martin at MultiMerch

      This can be both server-related or caused by third party addons. You may need to go through our theme integration guide to find out the exact cause for this:

      • Hi Martin, I need your help. Where is the demo of MM latest. For journal2 I need to configure it. Please contact on email.

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