The List of OpenCart Multi Vendor Extensions for Online Marketplaces

opencart multi vendor extensions

Spent too much time looking for a perfect multi vendor extension for OpenCart?

I know, right? There's quite a few of them and comparing them can be a pain.

Well, this blog lists all of the popular marketplace extensions for OpenCart – so you can pick the right one today.

But first, a quick heads up!

If you're not into OpenCart, you'll want to check my other blog post that covers multi vendor software in general: Online Marketplace Software: The Complete List (Updated in 2018).

Now, let's see what's available exclusively for OpenCart.

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I'll just go ahead and start with MultiMerch since we're the best:


MultiMerch Marketplace 8 for OpenCart ($850 to $1,500)

buy multimerch standalone early access

MultiMerch Marketplace is an online marketplace solution for OpenCart that focuses on user experience and reliability.

We've been around since 2012 when MultiMerch was first released as OpenCart Digital Marketplace and later renamed to OpenCart Multiseller.

Our goal with MultiMerch is to provide the best possible experience for marketplace owners out of the box. This means you get lifetime support, lifetime updates and all of the features at no extra cost.


  • Lifetime technical support
  • Lifetime software updates
  • Focused on the user experience
  • Support for Basel and Journal themes


Price: $850 to $1,500

Purchase directly from us or from OpenCart

Demo link:


PurpleTree Software Multivendor for OpenCart 2.3 to 3.0 ($99 to $199)

PurpleTree extension is a relatively new one and was published on OpenCart Marketplace in July 2017. Since then, it has accumulated a little over 100 sales and has received mixed feedback from customers - from positive reviews to complaints regarding poor support.

According to the description, PurpleTree offers basic marketplace features such as seller profiles, product and order management for sellers, as well as marketplace owner payouts to sellers and a possibility for buyers to contact sellers through a contact form.

In addition to keeping their OpenCart Marketplace listing up to date, PurpleTree team also offer a number of other OpenCart extensions unrelated to multi vendor both from OpenCart Marketplace and through their own website.


  • Affordable price (even better at a discount)
  • Updated on a regular basis
  • Supports OpenCart 2.x and 3.x


  • No data on custom theme support

Price: $199 ($99 at a discount)

OpenCart Marketplace link:

Demo link:


4Kode Multivendor Shopping Cart for OpenCart 2.3 to 3.0 ($75)

4Kode is a new OpenCart team – the initial version of 4Kode Multivendor was released in November 2017 and has since then had one sale and no public feedback.

According to the OpenCart Marketplace listing of 4Kode Multivendor, it features basic marketplace features and a few extras, such as product and seller reviews, notifications and a way for sellers to contact the marketplace owners.

In addition to the multi vendor extensions, 4Kode offers two other products for OpenCart - a free theme and a mobile app, which is also available on Play Store.


  • Affordable price
  • Supports OpenCart 2.x and 3.x


  • No customer feedback
  • Only one sale (as of this writing)

Price: $75

OpenCart Marketplace link:

Demo link:


Aditya Multishippers Advanced Pro for OpenCart 2.2 to 3.0 ($159)

The multishippers extension for OpenCart by Aditya has been around since January 2016 and has 81 sales on OpenCart Marketplace as of February 2018.

According to the description, Multishippers extension offers basic multi vendor features, as well as a number of extras, such as bulk product uploads, individual subdomains for sellers as well as multiple different prices per single product.

The developers of Multishippers – Aditya team – have been with OpenCart since 2011 and have published a number of unrelated OpenCart extensions for OpenCart in addition to Multishippers.


  • OpenCart developers with a track record
  • A number of extras in addition to basic vendor features
  • Offering free installation and theme integrations
  • Supports OpenCart 2.x and 3.x


  • Not updated since September 2017

Price: $159

OpenCart Marketplace link:

Demo link:


A0twa MultiVendor / Dropshipper Marketplace Management for OpenCart 2.1 to 2.2 ($30)

A0twa has been registered on OpenCart Marketplace in 2015, but the Dropshipper Marketplace extension was published in June 2016 (and last updated in July 2017) and has since then been sold 3 times only.

Compared to other multi vendor extensions for OpenCart, the one by A0twa is offering a different model where the marketplace owner creates vendor accounts and products manually, which is akin to OpenCart's Manufacturers feature.


  • Affordable price


  • Only 3 sales as of this writing
  • Not updated since July 2017
  • No customer feedback

Price: $30

OpenCart Marketplace link:

Demo link:


Waabay Multivendor/Dropshipper for OpenCart 1.5 ($159)

The Dropshipper extension by Waabay is one of the better known multi vendor extensions for OpenCart - and the oldest one, having been originally published back in August 2011.

It has since then accumulated 230 sales, but was last updated in May 2017 and only supports OpenCart 1.5.x.

Waabay Dropshipper, as the name implies, is intended for dropshipping marketplaces rather than regular online marketplaces.

This means the marketplace owner will usually be responsible for inviting vendors and managing the product catalog, while vendors have access to their orders through their back end dashboards.

The main difference from regular online marketplaces is that Waabay Dropshipper vendors have no front end accounts and profiles that can be styled to match the marketplace theme's look and feel.

Apart from this, Waabay offers all of the basic multi vendor features for vendor management, order handling and payments to vendors.


  • Prominent OpenCart developers
  • One of the oldest multi vendor extensions for OpenCart
  • Generally positive customer feedback


  • No front store accounts for vendors
  • No support for OpenCart 2.x and 3.x
  • Not updated since May 2017
  • No demo available

Price: $159

OpenCart Marketplace link:

Demo link: (no demo seems to be available)


Webkul Multivendor Marketplace for OpenCart 2.0 to 3.0 ($199 to $6,500*)

OpenCart Multivendor by Webkul has been first published in March 2013 and has since then been sold more than 280 times on OpenCart.

Unlike other marketplace solutions for OpenCart, Webkul Marketplace is built in a modular way with the core system providing the basic multi vendor features and additional features being offered as paid addons.

As of 2018, Webkul offers over 50 different addons to their core marketplace system with addon prices ranging from $50 to $400 each.

Webkul itself is a large team of developers offering a wide range of development services for all kinds of platforms. In addition to OpenCart, they are also the developers behind a number of multi vendor plugins for systems such as Magento, Prestashop, Cs-Cart and Odoo CRM.


  • Lots of addons for custom feature support
  • Maintained by a large development company
  • Updated on a regular basis
  • Supports OpenCart 2.x and 3.x


  • Pretty expensive, the price gets quite steep with addons and setup/support costs included
  • Mixed feedback

Price: $199 to $6,500 (the latter with all addons included, prices taken in February 2018 from the official Webkul website)

OpenCart Marketplace link:

Demo link:

Which extension to choose?

First, I'll just put this out here: give MultiMerch a try and you'll see what I mean by "great user experience". I promise you won't feel like going with the alternatives.

Now, if you still want to consider the other options, here's what to look for:


Consider the features, design and user experience

Most of marketplace extensions for OpenCart provide a core set of features that will let sellers sign up in your marketplace and manage their product catalogs, while allowing you to track their sales and make payments to them.

This just might be enough for your marketplace, but in many cases you'll want more than that.

  • Do you want your sellers to enjoy their neatly designed accounts, powerful dashboards and extensive reports?
  • Do you need to use additional payment methods apart from PayPal or want to set up split payments with PayPal Adaptive or Stripe?
  • Do you want to collect sign up or listing fees from your sellers in addition to regular selling fees?

All of these are valid questions to ask yourself when choosing an OpenCart marketplace extension.

If something you're looking for isn't currently available with the extension you're looking for, is it on the roadmap for one of the next releases? If it's not, will the developer be able to create it for you as a custom project? If not, will you be able to hire a third party developer to modify the extension?

If this isn't possible, are you willing to put your business at risk in the hopes of somehow overcoming these issues down the road?


Don't forget about the compatibility with OpenCart themes and extensions

This is a major one. OpenCart's default theme is, honestly, pretty boring – you rarely see successful online stores running the default OpenCart theme.

The good thing is, there are hundreds of amazing OpenCart themes that are quite affordable (check out my guide on how to find a great OpenCart theme!).

The bad thing is, multi vendor extensions are complex systems, often with dozens of individual template files and thousands of lines of style code. If the extension is not compatible with your theme of choice, you'll have a hard time making it compatible.

For example, creating MultiMerch compatibility files for the popular Journal theme has initially taken us about 3 months of work, mostly because Journal uses its own framework instead of Bootstrap. Today, the compatibility pack for Journal consists of more than 3000 lines of code and is getting updated on a regular basis.

Some themes will make your life easier than others, but you'll still need to have extra work done to have a multi vendor extension run with a custom theme correctly.

The same goes for OpenCart extensions - some of them will be compatible with your marketplace system out of the box, but many will require extra work. How much? If you're heavily relying on a third party OpenCart extension for your business, definitely make sure it will work with your multi vendor of choice.


Make sure you'll get speedy and quality support

Even under perfect circumstances, things will sometimes go wrong with OpenCart. Broken updates, extension conflicts, theme compatibility issues - all of this may ultimately happen down the road, especially when your marketplace grows and expands.

Will the developers behind the marketplace extension offer you timely and helpful support? Will you have to pay extra for support?

A good idea here is to go through the comment section on the extension page on OpenCart Marketplace to make sure issues are getting resolved quickly and professionally.

Getting stuck with a major problem with your marketplace without being able to get proper support won't help you run your business and a broken marketplace won't produce a great impression on your sellers, buyers and visitors.


What about the price?

I specifically put price as the last one in the list.

As you've seen above, you can spend anywhere between $0 and couple grand on an OpenCart marketplace extension with a full set of addons.

As you've also seen above, creating a successful online marketplace with OpenCart isn't as simple as it may seem.

Thus, it rarely pays off going with the cheapest solution while disregarding all of the other points. After all, what's the point of saving $150 on the base cost of the extension if you then have to spend months of time and a fortune trying to get it to work under your specific circumstances?


To recap – consider the following things when choosing a multi vendor extension for OpenCart:

  • make sure the extension features suit your requirements – if you intend to monetize your store through sign up fees, will you be able to do it easily?
  • don't forget about the compatibility with themes and extensions – will you be able to make it work for your particular setup?
  • research the team behind the project and the level of support offered by the developers – is it a company you can build a business relationship with?
  • set aside a budget for the extension itself, for its customization according to your requirements and for any services you may need down the road – can you afford it?


Before committing to the purchase of a commercial extension, you'll definitely want to check out all of the available demos, to through the reviews and get in touch with the developers to make sure you're on the same page.

Using one of the extensions we listed here? Share your feedback in the comments below!

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