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MultiMerch 8.7 Stable Released

I know you've been waiting for this and I'm happy to announce that MultiMerch 8.7 Stable is out!

In addition to the larger features announced earlier, we've included a number of smaller long awaited features and improvements.

Here's what's new in MultiMerch 8.7:

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MultiMerch 8.7 Alpha and Vendor Categories

Some of you may have noticed that two different versions of MultiMerch are now available in your accounts – 8.6.2 Stable and 8.7 Alpha.

Well, I'm happy to let you know that the new MultiMerch 8.7 will introduce at least one major update – vendor categories.

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Product options and attributes in MultiMerch 8.6.2

It's Friday so I'll be real quick with the update!

We've just released a new update to MultiMerch 8.6 – 8.6.2. In addition to introducing Preapproved payment support for PayPal Adaptive, it brings lots of minor updates to the product option/attribute system for vendors.

Since the option/attribute system is pretty stable now, we've decided to celebrate this by creating the complete guide on using product attribute and option system for vendors in MultiMerch 8.6 – click here to read the guide in our Resources section.

As usual, for a more detailed list of changes and upcoming releases drop by and take a look at our Changeog.


P.S. Theme integrations and translations are currently in process of being updated to MultiMerch 8.6.2!

MultiMerch Development Newsletter #10

Good morning and good Monday!

The last few weeks at MultiMerch have been mostly about MultiMerch combined shipping and bugfixes. MultiMerch is available for download in your accounts starting today.

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