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MultiMerch Development Newsletter #10

Good morning and good Monday!

The last few weeks at MultiMerch have been mostly about MultiMerch combined shipping and bugfixes. MultiMerch is available for download in your accounts starting today.

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Combined Shipping in MultiMerch 8.3

Martin here welcoming you to 2017!

First and foremost, I'd like to wish you all a great and productive year – both in business and in personal lives. Don't let yourselves get caught in a rut (I'm often guilty of this myself and I don't recommend this) and remember to take breaks and enjoy life.

Second, MultiMerch 8.3 is now available in your MultiMerch accounts featuring combined weight-based shipping and shipping overrides for individual products as well as various bugfixes and minor updates!

This is a major part of the new MultiMerch Shipping system as it saves vendors huge amount of time and effort by letting them specify their delivery rules once instead of having to do this over and over again for each individual product – so, I'm really happy that it's now available to all our MultiMerch users.

Here's a short preview of the new MultiMerch 8.3 functionality and we've also updated our MultiMerch Shipping tutorial with the new combined features:

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15 Most Popular OpenCart Websites


OpenCart is an open-source PHP based e-commerce software that enables you to set up your own online store and run your online business cost effectively. This shopping cart solution is most suitable for small and medium sized online stores.

This software has many benefits such as simplicity and ease of use, free cost-effective themes, multiple payment gateways, free support and software updates and more. It's not without flaws, though.

To help you decide whether it's for you, we've analyzed more than 200,000 OpenCart-powered stores and created a list of the 15 most popular OpenCart websites based on Alexa rank. We've also included the name of the OpenCart theme that is used by each of the stores.

Scroll down for the list and details and don't forget to tell us what you think of this in the comments. Definitely let us know if you have other great examples of OpenCart being used in popular online stores.

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OpenCart with Journal2 and MultiMerch Marketplace

Updated on 29/06/2016 for OpenCart 2.x

This post is out of date as of 29/06/2016. We now have a complete guide on installing OpenCart, MultiMerch & Journal2. Click the link below to see the new guide.

MultiMerch Docs: OpenCart with MultiMerch & Journal2


While being one of the most popular and feature-rich custom themes for OpenCart, Journal2 by Digital Atelier is also known to have compatibility issues with MultiMerch out of the box. Lately, we've cooperated with Digital Atelier to create a MultiMerch integration package for Journal2 that makes it easier.

This guide briefly covers a complete installation of OpenCart, MultiMerch and Journal.
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