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Introducing Typed & Category-Based Product Attributes for Better Product Catalogs

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Specifying product attributes when listing an item allows your sellers to make their products more appealing and more visible to buyers on your marketplace platform.

Attributes are displayed on product pages and used in faceted filters to make it easier for buyers to find the right products.

The upcoming MultiMerch version features a new system of typed, category-based product attributes that I'll cover here.

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Why use MultiMerch for your marketplace business (from the founder)

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"Hey Martin, we can get a cheap multi vendor module for a measly $100, why go with MultiMerch? You're expensive!"

I get these questions every now and then and I understand it – picking the right marketplace solution IS HARD.

Today, I will answer the question "Why MultiMerch?" by bragging about ourselves a little – honestly and overtly, in a no-bullshit way.

Here's why going with MultiMerch for your marketplace business is a good idea:

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Sellers, vendors, stores – how do MultiMerch marketplaces work?

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MultiMerch is an online marketplace platform or a multi-vendor platform – same thing.

This means you can use MultiMerch to build a two-sided marketplace where multiple vendors have their own store fronts and sell their own products.

In this blog post, I'll describe how the seller system works in MultiMerch in a nutshell.

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