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The Basics of Marketplace Content Moderation

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As with everything, creating an efficient content moderation strategy starts with defining what the goals and framework for the operations are.

Content moderation needs may vary wildly from marketplace to marketplace depending on audience, maturity, geolocation and a lot of other factors.

To make sure you design a content moderation strategy that fits your marketplace, here are 3 core things you should consider.

This is a guest post by Emil Andersson from Besedo.

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27 Marketplace Payment Solutions for Two-Sided Platforms


If your marketplace platform can't process payments safely, securely and reliably, you don't have a sustainable ecommerce business, period.

And when it comes to payment processing, marketplaces have it more difficult than your regular online shops: payments to and from vendors, split and chained payments, subscriptions, selling fee collection are just a few challenges that are unique to marketplaces.

This means the payment processor you select can easily make or break your marketplace business.

In this roundup, we look at 27 different payment solutions for two-sided marketplace platforms.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Starting an Online Marketplace Business

multimerch beginners guide to starting an online marketplace business

As the founder of MultiMerch, I've seen my share of online marketplaces start with a promising idea, fail to generate traction and close down shortly after.

The reasons are all over the place – no market need, unsustainable business model, poor software choices, lack of marketing, you name it.

In this guide, you'll learn how to start a marketplace business – from doing market research and choosing the right business model to mastering operations, selecting software and building, launching and growing your marketplace platform.

But first...

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Use seller properties to create custom signup forms in MultiMerch

multimerch seller properties sharing

As a marketplace owner, you know how crucial a streamlined signup experience is for sellers joining your platform.

Up until now, MultiMerch has offered a basic set of fields for sellers to fill out during registration – including their store name, profile images and business information.

Today, I want to introduce Seller Properties – a new system that allows platform owners to create different sets of seller fields for different seller groups and display them during registration.

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