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What features exactly does your marketplace platform need?

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You've just spent a year of your life and a whole lot of your (or other people's) money building an online marketplace platform.

It looks perfect and offers hundreds of custom-built features for your vendors and customers.

Then, you launch – and they don't come. A few sellers that join hardly use any of your beautiful features.

What a waste, right? You wish you'd started with a simpler setup and less features. Well, read on:

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How shipping cost and speed affects conversions across marketplaces

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Today’s e-commerce has changed dramatically from even a few years ago. Modern customers aren’t delighted by fast or free shipping – they expect it.

This is a shift largely driven by Amazon and its huge pushes to deliver products more quickly and cheaply, but it impacts e-commerce as an industry.

Understanding how shipping costs for the customer and total fulfillment speed affects conversion and sales across marketplaces will give you a better basis to understand how, where, and why you should be investing in faster and cheaper shipping.

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