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Online Marketplace Software: The Complete List

Launching a multi vendor marketplace is a bit more complex than your old regular online store.

That's because you'll be dealing not only with customers, but also with multiple sellers doing business on your platform.

So, choosing the right multi vendor software is extremely important – it will make or break your business!

In this guide, we've assembled the list of online marketplace software you can choose from when starting a multi vendor marketplace.

Let's see what software is available to you, the marketplace owner,  in 2018.

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OpenCart 3 vs OpenCart 2 in 2018: Should You Update?

OpenCart 3 was released in 2017 almost a year ago – back then, we gave it a try concluded it doesn't offer much in terms of tangible benefits to store owners compared to OpenCart 2.

Today, we're giving OpenCart 3 another try to see if something has changed and if it makes sense to switch to OpenCart 3 – or stick with the proven and stable OpenCart 2.

This is an April, 2018 update to the original blog post published in June, 2017.

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The Definitive Guide to OpenCart in 2018

MultiMerch is an online marketplace solution that supports OpenCart.

"What is OpenCart?" is the first question we get from marketplace owners who come from different systems or industries.

In this blog post, I tried to answer your questions and cover all things OpenCart – from its history and technical specifications to pricing, themes, extensions and suggestions for alternatives.

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