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Introducing MultiMerch dashboards

Back in summer, we introduced MultiMerch dashboards - a tool for MultiMerch marketplace owners and vendors designed to provide an overview of the current state of the marketplace and seller stores.

Today, I'm happy to introduce a redesign of MultiMerch dashboards for both marketplace owners and sellers.

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The Deadly Sins of OpenCart: poor core feature set

This is the second part of our series on problems with OpenCart.

In the first part, I mostly covered the complex upgrade process and the fact that OpenCart store owners never know if their stores will make it through the next upgrade without falling apart.

Today, I would like to talk a bit more about the core feature set of OpenCart – and why I think it's lacking.

Again – not writing this to throw mud at OpenCart. Consider this a piece of constructive criticism from someone who's been with OpenCart for the past 5+ years. Improving OpenCart is in the best interest of us all OpenCart people.

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The Patchbay – digital audio marketplace with MultiMerch and Journal

Gary Falcon Lang is the founder of The Patchbay – a digital marketplace to bring together music creators and fans.


The Patchbay is built with MultiMerch and Journal theme – albeit a heavily styled one, so you won’t be able to tell it’s Journal at first glance.

Instead of Journal’s regular reds and blacks, The Patchbay features a beautiful palette of violets, blues and pink neon, giving it a distinct outrun / synthwave style.

We asked Gary to share his story on getting his MultiMerch marketplace from idea to reality – to learn something important ourselves and share the knowledge and experience with the community.

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