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MultiMerch 8.8 stable and 6 months of evolution

MultiMerch 8.8 Stable with CSV imports and marketplace activity is here just as we promised earlier! 

This release marks 6 months of improvement and evolution of MultiMerch Marketplace. We've come a long way since January and I wanted to take a closer look at what has changed since MultiMerch 8.3.

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MultiMerch Development Newsletter #13

Here's a quick update on what's going on at MultiMerch lately!

There are two major things we're currently working on – rating/review system improvements and mass product uploads.

Positive reputation and a social proof that vendors get from reviews and star ratings is a powerful marketing asset that helps customers make decisions faster and with greater confidence. We've created our MultiMerch rating system with this in mind and are making it even better!

So, here's what you can expect in one of the upcoming MultiMerch updates:
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MultiMerch 8.7 Stable Released

I know you've been waiting for this and I'm happy to announce that MultiMerch 8.7 Stable is out!

In addition to the larger features announced earlier, we've included a number of smaller long awaited features and improvements.

Here's what's new in MultiMerch 8.7:

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