Pavilion compatibility updates for MultiMerch 8.12.1

It's been a while since we had properly updated our Pavilion – and the rest of ThemeBurn – compatibility package.

Today I'm happy to announce that ThemeBurn compatibility files have been updated to MultiMerch 8.12.1.

Here's what's new.

Improvements in seller profiles and stores

Pavilion, along with a few of our other partner themes, has been waiting for product layout styling updates for a while.

The new ThemeBurn compatibility archive fixes a number of issues with how seller profiles and stores are rendered.

Product display in seller profiles

The design of product entries displayed in MultiMerch seller profiles now fully matches the style of product lists throughout the rest of Pavilion interfaces.pavilion seller profile products

This includes proper theme styles, fully functional QuickView as well as the correct display of product ratings, special prices and stock status badges, in additional to a functional seller product search box.

Products and categories in seller stores

Seller store pages have also received a revamp for the Pavilion theme. Compared to the older compatibility pack,  Pavilion now correctly styles seller category selectors and uses theme settings and styles to display products in the list.

pavilion seller stores products

In addition to these changes, the new integration includes image size fixes for the list of sellers and a number of SEO-related fixes to the MultiMerch SEO system with Pavilion.

Seller account layout improvements for Pavilion and Pavilion minimal

Seller accounts have also received a facelift in the new Pavilion compatibility release.

The most important issue that has been fixed in the new release are scrollable category selectors in seller accounts, which were behaving incorrectly in earlier versions, thus making it more difficult for sellers to publish products and coupons in marketplaces with a larger category number.

discount coupons dropdowns pavilion

In addition to dropdown fixes, we're straightened out notifications across MultiMerch seller account areas so all success, information and error notifications will now get displayed in style with Pavilion.


The new Pavilion compatibility archive will soon be available in your MultiMerch accounts.

Meanwhile, we're preparing to publish a few exciting things that will be part of the upcoming MultiMerch 8.13 release. Also, the next chapter of The Deadly OpenCart Sins is underway – so stay tuned!

Martin is the founder of MultiMerch who has dedicated his life to building great products.