Pavilion by ThemeBurn & Multimerch Demos

MultiMerch has been offering compatibility files for ThemeBurn themes for a while, but we've never featured them prominently on our website.

We've recently released a new set of MultiMerch demos running ThemeBurn and I would like to tell you a bit more about ThemeBurn and MultiMerch today.

When we published the Journal integration guide and started offering Journal compatibility files with MultiMerch Professional last year, Journal was one of the few themes that we recommended with MultiMerch by default. However, while being the best selling OpenCart theme by a huge margin, Journal is not perfect and has its own issues.

Thus, lately we've been working together with the guys over at ThemeBurn to bring ThemeBurn compatibility to MultiMerch!

ThemeBurn is a great team behind BurnEngine for OpenCart and a number of beautiful OpenCart themes: Pavilion, Shoppica, Technopolis, Kiddos, Trendo and Organie.


The best thing about ThemeBurn themes from our perspective is that they all run the same BurnEngine framework. This means we can maintain a single set of compatibility files for all of ThemeBurn themes with a few minor additional styles for individual themes.

In addition to this, like OpenCart, BurnEngine uses Bootstrap for templates, which allows us to keep our modifications at minimum - no invasive code changes, no breakage. For MultiMerch marketplace owners, this means regular integration updates and overall marketplace stability.

Another great thing is that Svetoslav and the rest of ThemeBurn people are really helpful and happy to offer us their support and in keeping our MultiMerch integrations up to date, which lets us release integration updates without delay.


They also helped us build a set of beautiful public MultiMerch Marketplace demos running each of ThemeBurn themes - check them our here!


Finally, ThemeBurn themes are built with performance in mind and are easier on server resources than some of the other popular themes that can slow your marketplace to a crawl. They're also beautifully designed!

Today, I've started publishing a set of MultiMerch & ThemeBurn integration guides and I hope that in the near future we'll have the full set of MultiMerch guides for all ThemeBurn demos ready!

Here's the first MultiMerch & ThemeBurn guide:

Complete guide on setting up MultiMerch with OpenCart and Pavilion by ThemeBurn


Let us know what you think!


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Martin Boss

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