Payment Methods in MultiMerch


You probably know that MultiMerch supports OpenCart's payment methods for regular payments, but not for vendor fees and payouts.

This will soon change as we're working on a new MultiMerch payment system that will support third party payment methods for signup & product listing fees as well as royalty payouts to vendors.

This means, that

  • your vendors will be able to pay you for signup and product listing in multiple different ways, not just PayPal
  • you as the marketplace owner will be able to pay royalties to your vendors using the payment method that works for you, not just PayPal

In other words, you won't have to rely on PayPal for your MultiMerch business.

The upcoming MultiMerch 8.2 will ship with a plugin system for payment gateways and two plugins out of the box – PayPal and Manual Bank Transfer:


The new payment system will allow vendors to make signup and product listing payments through one of the payment plugins installed in the marketplace.

It will also give the marketplace owner a possibility to perform royalty payouts to vendors using payment methods other than the default PayPal Standard.


This makes it possible to complete multiple payment requests at once.

It is especially useful when vendors are listing multiple products – starting with MultiMerch 8.2 they will be able to pay all listing fees at once.


Vendors will also be able to complete their payment information and receive their royalties through one of the multiple payment gateways enabled in the marketplace.

Prior to MultiMerch 8.2 this is only possible via PayPal.
We will also be creating extra payment gateways in the future to make it possible to use MultiMerch with as many payment systems as possible.

Stay tuned for updates!


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Martin Boss

Martin is the founder of MultiMerch, an ex-OpenCart developer and an e-commerce enthusiast.You can also find him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Quora.