Sell more and better using seller coupons in MultiMerch 8.12

What's the main goal of every marketplace owner out there? Right – to sell products and monetize the marketplace!

At MultiMerch, we're trying to make selling as simple as possible – and discount coupons are crucial for this.

Therefore, MultiMerch sellers can now create their own discount coupons – just in time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the rest of the holiday season.

Seller coupons in MultiMerch

Up until now, it was only possible for marketplace owners to create marketplace-wide coupons through OpenCart.

While it's a nice feature, it doesn't work well in multi vendor environments where sellers run their own stores and are responsible for their own discount campaigns.

From now on, we're giving sellers an option to create and manage their own discount coupons. This enables sellers to run their own discount campaigns for specific products or entire categories.

Sellers can create as many coupons as they need – both fixed price coupons as well as percentage discount coupons – and each coupon can be assigned specific start and end dates and have a limited number of total uses and uses per customer.

These make it possible for sellers to automatically limit coupons to a time period, which is useful for coupons created for specific holidays.

To make it easier to create targeted discount campaigns, sellers can restrict coupons to individual products and categories – or exclude specific products and categories from the campaign.

For example, a coupon can be created to offer a 15% discount on all smartphones in the Smartphones category excluding iPhones and limited to the Black Friday weekend, one coupon per customer.


The coupon system will be further updated in the future MultiMerch versions to let sellers automatically generate and mail coupons to customers in exchange for feedback, create coupons based on customer performance and arrange coupons into campaigns with performance analytics.

We also plan to give marketplace owners an option to run their own marketplace-wide coupon campaigns in a similar manner.

MultiMerch 8.12 with seller coupons will shortly become available to clients through MultiMerch accounts.

Get ready for the holiday season and happy selling!


Martin Boss

Martin Boss

I'm the founder of MultiMerch, a fan of great software and a marketplace ecommerce enthusiast. Hit me up on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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