Use seller properties to create custom signup forms in MultiMerch

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As a marketplace owner, you know how crucial a streamlined signup experience is for sellers joining your platform.

Up until now, MultiMerch has offered a basic set of fields for sellers to fill out during registration – including their store name, profile images and business information.

Today, I want to introduce Seller Properties – a new system that allows platform owners to create different sets of seller fields for different seller groups and display them during registration.

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You know better than me – marketplaces from different industries have different requirements when it comes to onboarding new sellers:

If you run a traditional product platform like Adderah Marketplace, you may ask your sellers to specify product categories they want to offer.

If you run a digital music marketplace like The Patchbay, you may want new sellers to provide a link to their Bandcamp account to make sure the applications are legit.

And if you have different membership tiers for individual and professional sellers, you'll want companies to provide some more business data like their tax numbers.

Now, all if this is possible on MultiMerch-powered marketplace platforms via seller properties.

Here's how they work:

Seller property fields and types

MultiMerch lets you create seller properties of 3 different types – select, checkbox and text.

The type controls the way sellers will fill out the fields during registration.

multimerch seller properties signup fields registration

Seller properties allow you to request additional information from sellers signing up

After the seller signs up and fills out the property fields, they will be visible to the marketplace owner in the admin area.

Sellers themselves can update their custom properties later after registration via their Seller settings.


Attaching properties to seller groups

Similar to product attributes, you can assign seller properties to the global configuration (and make them available for all groups) or to individual seller groups.

This way, you can have a different set of seller fields for different seller tiers.

multimerch seller properties seller groups

An example of two different seller tiers with different seller properties

For example, you may want to ask your Professional sellers their VAT numbers, but ask Individuals their national identification number.

We will be further extending the seller property system to make it even more useful in the next MultiMerch releases.

Additional seller property types like images and files will make it possible for marketplace owners to request additional digital assets from sellers, such as document scans.

The new seller property system is available as of MultiMerch 8.26 – go ahead and download the new release from your account!

Martin Boss

Martin Boss

I'm the founder of MultiMerch and a marketplace ecommerce enthusiast.