ThinkSo Marketplace by MultiMerch & Crafts

Crafts is a small development agency from Lithuania, and one of the first paying customers of MultiMerch. They have used the MultiMerch platform since the early days of their first start up – a marketplace for handmade items, which went on to become the biggest handmade marketplace in the Baltics.

The birth of ThinkSo Marketplace

The latest case study we want to share is based on the project they have created with the help of MultiMerch – ThinkSo Marketplace. It's a new take on that same marketplace viewed through a social business lens.

ThinkSo is a unique platform where everyone can contribute to the creation and enhancement of social well-being by acquiring products from social businesses, rural communities and non-governmental organizations.


Crafts used their knowledge and supported the ThinkSo initiative with programming, MultiMerch setup and integration services and social business consulting.

In this post I would like to cover the actual setup of their MultiMerch store and what it looks like now!

Customized MultiMerch setup

In the process of store development, the default MultiMerch functionality was extended with various extra features. This platform is an example of symbiosis between customized features and our module.


Some of the additional MultiMerch features include:

  • Custom seller profiles
  • The ability to add video to profile and product pages
  • A seller registration form designed from the ground up with B2B customers in mind
  • Custom search filters makes finding the right products a snap, including the ability to search for products via their social impact
  • The ability for customers to set repeat ordering schedules
  • The ability for sellers to add blog content to their pages
  • Content that is SEO optimized and friendly.

To sum it up, the combination of MultiMerch, OpenCart and Crafts custom improvements means a fully digitized electronic business where everything is being processed exclusively online.


MultMerch & Crafts – flexibility and experience

The guys over at Crafts managed to turn MultiMerch into something truly beautiful. It wouldn't be possible without the flexibility of MultiMerch and without the experience of the team. With both things combined, everything the client wants is possible – ranging from a user friendly and sales orientated design to custom development and integrations.

ThinkSo 4

Overall, we've been really happy to work with Crafts from the very first MultiMerch release and we can only describe them as experienced, reliable and accurate.

In addition to their own projects, Crafts offer custom MultiMerch development and consulting services. If you are interested in getting a beautiful marketplace of your own, feel free to contact us for more information about our partnership with Crafts.


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Martin Boss

Martin is the founder of MultiMerch, an ex-OpenCart developer and an e-commerce enthusiast.You can also find him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Quora.