Roobykon Software uses MultiMerch to build product marketplaces


The client

Roobykon Software is a European software development company.

The 30-strong team specializes in building customized multi-vendor marketplaces for businesses around the world.

The challenge

Roobykon uses RoR and Sharetribe to build custom service and rental marketplaces.

However, they were looking for something better for their product marketplace projects.

The solution

MultiMerch is specifically designed as the all-in-one multi vendor software solution for two-sided product marketplaces.

This was enough to convince Roobykon to give MultiMerch a try.


After getting started with MultiMerch, Roobykon launched their first marketplace – Little Green Company – in just a few weeks.

Within a month, they lined up 4 more clients looking to build similar peer-to-peer product marketplaces with MultiMerch.

About Roobykon Software

Industry: Software development

Location: Estonia

Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sharetribe, MultiMerch, OpenCart, Cocorico, Symphony, PHP

Company size: 30

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