MultiMerch administration area

You as the marketplace owner have complete control over your MultiMerch marketplace

Powerful vendor management

MultiMerch offers you complete overview and control over vendors in your marketplace

  • All vendor accounts at a glance
    • MultiMerch vendor interface lists all vendors in your marketplace along with their statuses, earnings, payments due and every other statistic you may need to manage vendors efficiently
  • Create and change vendor accounts manually
    • You can let your vendors sign up in your marketplace themselves or create accounts for them manually, on demand, through MultiMerch vendor control interface.
  • Approve new vendors yourself if necessary
    • If vendor registration and approval is enabled, you can process your new vendor signups here before they can start selling

Manage marketplace finances

Keep track of all your marketplace financial activity in MultiMerch finance and payment interface


Vendor sales and transactions indicate the activity in your marketplace


Manage all payments such as publishing fees, signup fees and payouts to vendors


MultiMerch supports payment plugins for third party gateway integrations

Setup and control extras

MultiMerch administration interface lets you control everything that happens your marketplace, such as …

Vendor groups


Social media channels

Shipping methods

Ratings & reviews


Dozens of configuration settings

MultiMerch offers you dozens of settings that make it possible to configure your marketplace exactly as you want it

Product publishing settings

Depending on your marketplace type you may want to enable digital products, disable shipping or disallow free products.

MultiMerch makes it possible to choose which products fields are available to your vendors when publishing products.

Shipping configuration that works for you

MultiMerch supports marketplace shipping and vendor shipping configurations.

You can use OpenCart's shipping methods for marketplace shipping or let your vendors define their own rules.

Vendors, SEO & more

All in all, there are 8 different configuration sections with dozens of individual settings.

This makes sure you can always configure your MultiMerch marketplace just the way you need it!

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