Vendor dashboards in MultiMerch

MultiMerch dashboards give vendors control over all crucial sections of their accounts

Product management in MultiMerch

MultiMerch lets vendors publish their own products in your marketplace – with moderation, if necessary

Flexible product publishing form

Decide which product fields you want in your marketplace and disable the rest to make publishing a breeze

Easy form

Use the few basic fields to speed up product publishing

Regular form

The most popular marketplaces will use between 10 to 15 product fields

All product fields

You can choose from more than 30 product fields to enable for your vendors

Multivendor shipping system

Use MultiMerch Shipping to allow vendors define their own shipping rules and rates for their products

Flat rate per product

MultiMerch Shipping lets vendors specify flat shipping rates per product to different locations

Combined weight shipping

Vendors can also specify a set of delivery rules that will apply to all products based on cart weight

Order from multiple vendors at once

Customers can choose their preferred delivery method for each individual vendor at checkout

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