MultiMerch changelog

MultiMerch v8 (current)

2018-10-19 Version 8.21.2

  • Added a new core invoicing architecture
  • Added initial support for Journal3
  • Improved search indexing for product tabs
  • Improved the appearance of seller stores, profiles and filters
  • Fixed image removal on mobile devices
  • Fixed attribute sorting in product filters
  • Fixed PHP 7.x deprecated functions
  • Fixed global scope of notifications
  • Fixed minor registration issues
  • Fixed conversation participant types
  • Fixed various undefined variable issues
  • Fixed platform email headers
  • Fixed various minor issues
  • Fixed Basel integration issues

2018-09-13 Version 8.20

  • Introducing a multichannel notification system
  • Added support for Stripe Direct and Destination charges
  • Added a customer complaint/reporting system
  • Added holiday more for vendors
  • Added a setting to separate vendors from customers
  • Fixed vendor account redirects on login
  • Fixed a setting to disable category filters
  • Fixed MultiMerch product status relation to OpenCart status
  • Fixed amps and delimiters in the category filter
  • Fixed truncated product names in vendor dashboards

2018-07-24 Version 8.18

  • Introducing native faceted category filters
  • Fixed dataTable pagination
  • Fixed admin-area category list search
  • Fixed Stripe checkout non-numeric value error
  • Fixed a missing Stripe cert file
  • Fixed incorrect numbers in seller dashboard
  • Fixed dashboard performance issues
  • Fixed admin-area seller account creation
  • Various Basel and Journal integration fixes

2018-07-02 Version 8.17

  • Added a one page seller registration form
  • Added seller coupon support for guests
  • Improved seller account navigation
  • Fixed various minor issues

2018-06-20 Version 8.16

  • Added seller subscriptions/plans via Stripe
  • Added a new "List sellers" module
  • Fixed minor issues

2018-05-23 Version 8.15

  • Added automated payments via Stripe Connect
  • Fixed seller name display on product cards
  • Fixed special price formatting in admin product lists
  • Fixed date picker missing from the "date available" field
  • Fixed unavailable products being displayed in a few places
  • Fixed a few SSL links in the admin area
  • Fixed hash file with renamed admin folder
  • Fixed the display of deleted objects throughout the marketplace
  • Fixed a few missing translations
  • Fixed product counts in profile and store pages
  • Fixed manufacturer field missing from imports
  • Fixed undefined index token admin notice
  • Fixed UTF8 conversion for CSV import files
  • Fixed shipping cost column in seller order invoice
  • Fixed shipping address missing from admin order info with vendor shipping
  • Removed closing tags from language files

2018-05-03 Version 8.14.5

  • Added the display of seller information on product cards
  • Fixed the lise of seller orders not being displayed with coupons applied
  • Fixed special prices not displayed in seller and admin product lists
  • Fixed admin redirects when clicking on a conversation attachment
  • Fixed seller account profile nickname validation
  • Fixed seller coupons and options not being deleted on seller deletion
  • Fixed the display of deleted sellers and products throughout the marketplace
  • Fixed pagination issues in data tables
  • Fixed the coupon form with multilingual products
  • Fixed various minor issues and theme integration bugs

2018-04-13 Version 8.14.4

  • Added a confirmation dialog when deleting products from seller accounts
  • Improved the slugifier for SEO keyword generation
  • Fixed multiple "product purchased" emails to sellers
  • Fixed incorrect sales numbers being displayed in seller dashboards in some cases
  • Fixed product listing category selector in Safari
  • Fixed missing product listing form translations
  • Fixed the display of product prices with taxes on the shipping step at checkout
  • Fixed customer's selected shipping method missing from order information for admins
  • Fixed validation when creating attribute groups from seller accounts
  • Fixed payment method name bug in payment reports
  • Fixed the order date format in seller's order history
  • Fixed PayPal Adaptive displaying the IPN response to customers in some cases
  • Fixed third party quick checkouts redirecting customers back to cart in some cases
  • Fixed various minor issues and theme integration bugs
  • Fixed minor issues in the Russian translation

2018-03-31 Version 8.14.3

  • Added a single page to manage OpenCart and MultiMerch order statuses
  • Fixed product sorting in seller profiles
  • Fixed order currencies in customer accounts
  • Fixed pagination selectors in seller profiles and stores
  • Fixed missing heading tags in seller store pages
  • Fixed the MultiMerch slugifier to support UTF8 slugs
  • Fixed the default behavior of the product type selector for digital products
  • Fixed compatibility with resizing plugins by using OpenCart's resizer in seller profiles and stores
  • Fixed an incorrect display of order totals in customer and seller interfaces
  • Fixed product deletion from seller editing page
  • Fixed customer's selected shipping method not being displayed in order details
  • Fixed marketplace products not appearing in customer order lists
  • Fixed complete address not being used to display sellers on a map
  • Fixed a number of controller permissions
  • Fixed a missing JS include in customer conversation lists
  • Fixed seller transactions being generated incorrectly in some cases
  • Fixed quotes being incorrectly saved to product meta fields
  • Fixed an issue with admin-area datepickers preventing from clearing the data
  • Fixed various minor issues

2018-03-03 Version 8.14.2

  • Fixed seller-disabled products being displayed on some pages
  • Fixed undefined offset notices when editing badges
  • Fixed incorrect homepage link in admin breadcrumbs
  • Fixed missing base link in the MultiMerch image uploader
  • Fixed multilanguage badges and badge images on edit
  • Fixed adding related products when creating a new product
  • Fixed license activation for differing schemas
  • Fixed minor alert and button positions in seller accounts
  • Fixed meta title being overwritten in some cases when editing products
  • Fixed permissions for some seller account controllers
  • Fixed MultiMerch SEO not being cleared in some cases
  • Fixed MultiMerch seller order data not being deleted with deleting OpenCart orders
  • Fixed the way seller's total sales amounts are being calculated
  • Fixed category sorting in admin category lists
  • Fixed PayPal Adaptive with MultiMerch coupons
  • Fixed MultiMerch not sending notification emails at order creation

2018-01-25 Version 8.14

  • Added the new MultiMerch seller and admin dashboards
  • Added an option to display sellers on a map
  • Added Schema/OG microdata for improved SEO
  • Added caching of SEO data for improved performance
  • Improved the MultiMerch SEO controller compatibility
  • Improved seller profile and stores styling
  • Improved seller and product listing interfaces for admins
  • Fixed upgrade messaging when upgrading through multiple versions
  • Fixed order calculations when using seller coupons
  • Fixed specials not being saved due to thousands separators
  • Fixed permission issues when accessing admin reports
  • Fixed SEO URL exceptions for image uploads
  • Removed unneeded statuses for options and attributes

2017-12-18 Version 8.13

  • Added the new MultiMerch modification system core
  • Added the new MultiMerch event system core
  • Improved the MultiMerch library code structure (system/vendor cleanup)
  • Fixed coupon value input display bugs
  • Fixed incorrect order status name in seller's order info
  • Fixed seller payment conflicts with MultiMerch SEO
  • Fixed OpenCart category URLs with MultiMerch SEO
  • Fixed minor bugs with CSV imports
  • Fixed theme integration issues
  • Fixed the behavior of the seller category setting

2017-11-24 Version 8.12

  • Added new seller coupon system to let sellers create discount coupons
  • Improved admin interfaces for managing categories, attributes and options
  • Improved category selection for sellers with scrollable dropdowns
  • Fixed file uploaders for product imports and reviews on slower servers
  • Fixed seller history in admin order details
  • Fixed display discrepancies with different currencies on multi currency setups
  • Fixed missing pagination translations in admin interfaces

2017-11-01 Version 8.11.1

  • Improved shipping handling after checkout confirmation
  • Fixed downloads getting inadvertently deleted during product modification
  • Fixed SEO URLs for product pagination
  • Fixed SEO URL duplicates
  • Fixed licensing activation system responses

2017-10-23 Version 8.11

  • Added new system to handle logical order states
  • Added new payout system to group related invoices and payments
  • Added new admin interface for listing orders and suborders
  • Added new license activation system
  • Added new interface to check for updates
  • Added separate order statuses for vendors
  • Improved marketplace object deletion process for admins
  • Improved system information by listing xml, ocmod and modified core files
  • Improved payout and payment process handling for admins
  • Improved form submission error handling
  • Improved recursive category display performance
  • Improved handling of reviews for removed and reassigned products
  • Improved UX for dependent admin settings
  • Improved MultiMerch class and function autocompletion for PHPStorm
  • Improved theme integration pack versioning
  • Improved MultiMerch admin menu structure
  • Improved product category imports with a new input style setting
  • Improved MultiMerch review system UX by disabling duplicate OpenCart reviews
  • Improved free shipping handling by allowing it on a rule-level instead of globally
  • Fixed shipping autocomplete value on focusout
  • Fixed custom field display across admin accounts
  • Fixed shipping being not required for tangible products
  • Fixed abandoned Adaptive order payments not getting deleted
  • Fixed question, review and vendor interface issues for deleted customers
  • Fixed child category counter display for deleted categories
  • Fixed vendor SEO URL issues with empty base keyword
  • Fixed images being not required when creating badges
  • Fixed various minor issues with custom fields
  • Fixed various minor issues with order and suborder display
  • Fixed breadcrumbs on import pages (ThemeBurn)
  • Removed a number of deprecated admin settings

2017-09-04 Version 8.10

  • New MultiMerch SEO system
  • New SEOURL controller
  • New SEO slug and meta generator
  • New SEOURL template settings
  • New MultiMerch custom field system for products
  • Improved breadcrumbs in vendor accounts
  • Improved file upload handling
  • Fixed SEO fields for imports
  • Fixed vQmod+OCMOD conflicts in models
  • Fixed incomplete orders in dashboards and activity
  • Fixed product sold and earning numbers
  • Fixed combined shipping in checkout
  • Fixed dashboard layouts on smaller screens
  • Fixed titles in order-related conversations
  • Fixed select all bug in admin-area tables
  • Fixed some hardcoded language strings
  • Fixed space handling in numeric validation
  • Fixed Journal quick checkout bug with digital products
  • Fixed pay button appearing with no active invoices
  • Fixed ThemeBurn shipping dropdown styling
  • Fixed ThemeBurn z-index for shipping fields
  • Fixed various minor further issues

2017-08-01 Version

  • New admin dashboard
  • New vendor dashboard
  • Admin sales reports
  • Admin financial reports
  • Vendor sales reports
  • Vendor financial reports
  • Question/answer refactoring
  • Various bugfixes

2017-07-05 Version 8.8

  • Mass CSV product import for vendors
  • Marketplace activity list - tracking basic customer and seller activities
  • Various bugfixes

2017-06-08 Version

  • Minor bugfixes

2017-06-02 Version 8.7.4

  • MultiMerch Shipping improvements
  • Improved MultiMerch setup process
  • Various bugfixes

2017-05-25 Version

  • Debug improvement
  • Various style improvements
  • Various minor bug fixes

2017-05-15 Version 8.7.3

  • Review system improvements – image uploads, vendor response
  • Payment system / invoice updates
  • MultiMerch debug log
  • Bugfixes and improvements for attributes, options, and categories
  • Grouping menus in admin panel
  • Multimerch setting refactoring
  • Currency field display fixes
  • Various bugfixes

2017-04-14 Version

  • Various vendor option & category fixes
  • Fixed total category counts in getCategories
  • Suborder status display fix
  • Payment gateway template fix for OC < 2.3
  • Updated URL validation regex
  • Minor fixes for OC < 2.3
  • Various minor fixes

2017-04-06 Version 8.7.2

  • Order system refactoring
  • "View order details" improvements for admins, vendors and customers
  • Category commission fixes
  • Minor MultiMerch shipping fixes
  • Minor bugfixes

2017-03-28 Version 8.7.1

  • Messaging system restyling
  • Minor bugfixes

2017-03-23 Version 8.7

  • Added a system for vendors to create their own categories
  • Added admin interfaces for the private messaging system
  • It's now possible for customers and vendors to communicate directly from the "order details" page
  • It's now possible to attach files and images to private messages
  • It's now possible for admins to take part in vendor-customer conversations via private messages
  • Improved performance when loading vendor and product lists from the database
  • Fixed PayPal adaptive creating Pending orders before payment confirmation
  • Fixed PayPal Standard settings not saving Sandbox/Live selector
  • Fixed various PayPal Preapproval issues
  • Fixed override templates loading from incorrect path under specific circumstances
  • Fixed language selectors on vendor attribute/option pages
  • Fixed product name length validation with RTE enabled
  • Fixed related products autocomplete displaying the product being edited
  • Added an error message for vendors trying to purchase their own products
  • Various minor fixes

2017-03-03 Version 8.6.2

  • Added support for Preapproved payments for PayPal Adaptive
  • Fixed various issues related to PayPal Adaptive
  • Fixed various issues with the new option & attribute system
  • Fixed minor product publishing bugs
  • Fixed disqus_url variable validation
  • Improved language selector behavior

2017-02-24 Version

  • Added attribute creation and management for vendors
  • Added option creation and management for vendors
  • Fixed price fields being saved incorrectly on some languages
  • Fixed minor language-related bugs
  • Improved numeric validator function
  • Improved database upgrade messages

2017-02-17 Version

  • Fixed shipping methods not saved when no "Shipping from" value specified
  • Fixed account sidebar loading incorrect language strings
  • Fixed decimal/thousand separator bug in combined shipping settings
  • Fixed order total calculation in vendor order details and invoices
  • Added missing "intl" extension checks
  • Added price and images as default product fields
  • Added minimum order quantity product field

2017-02-13 Version

  • Fixed PayPal Adaptive checkout commission calculation
  • Fixed % coupon application to vendor balances
  • Replaced store default currency with customer's currency in "Shipping" checkout step
  • Added fixed coupon and voucher warning for multivendor carts
  • Fixed "required" field missing bug when saving specific product options
  • Fixed "file" type option values not being displayed to vendors in dashboard & order emails
  • Fixed "out of stock" status being set to 0 when field disabled – now using the first available status
  • Fixed "loading" button captions
  • Fixed missing translation strings in vendor accounts
  • Fixed incorrect status in "vendor account modified" emails to vendors
  • Replaced MultiMerch text strings with OpenCart ones in "customer" part of the Account sidebar module
  • Various minor fixes

2017-02-03 Version

  • Fixed commissions calculations in checkout
  • Fixed seller name display in order details
  • Fixed digital product publishing setting
  • Fixed minor language variable bugs
  • Added integration pack version to debug info
  • Added loading spinners to form submission buttons
  • Fixed setting image removal sprite (X) being displayed incorrectly on some themes

2017-01-27 Version 8.5

  • Fixed/base rate for combined shipping rules
  • Store's default weight measurement is now used in shipping rules
  • Extra admin controls for vendors
  • Possibility to remove payment requests and payments
  • Extra logging for payment gateways and transactions
  • Server error log output displayed in debug info when possible
  • Extra validation for shipping configuration and other inputs
  • Dimensions and weight can now be enabled/disabled separately
  • Various shipping system improvements
  • Various minor improvements
  • Various bugfixes

2017-01-18 Version

  • Category-based fees
  • Vendor group selection on signup
  • Multilanguage vendor descriptions
  • Vendor group settings
  • More controls over vendor product form
  • PayPal IPN debug
  • Allow digital products
  • Allow free products
  • Various bugfixes

2017-01-09 Version

  • Combined shipping improvements
  • Remove extra tables on uninstall
  • vQmod xml refactoring (productpage/hooks)
  • Minor fixes

2017-01-03 Version

  • Various bugfixes

2016-12-22 Version

  • Plupload localization
  • OCStore support
  • Minor bugfixes

2016-12-14 Version

  • New combined shipping system
  • Various shipping system changes
  • Minor bugfixes

2016-12-13 Version

  • Plupload is now stored locally
  • OCStore installation bugfix
  • Various bugfixes

2016-12-08 Version

  • File/image uploader progress bars
  • Fix permissions on install
  • Various bugfixes

2016-11-23 Version

  • Various bugfixes

2016-11-16 Version

  • Various vendor setting and review fixes
  • Vendor product sorting fixes
  • Suborder fix for mixed vendor orders
  • Added incompatible PHP version notification
  • Various minor bugfixes

2016-11-10 Version

  • Various product form fixes
  • Debug logs for payment gateways
  • Confirmation when deleting vendors and products
  • Various SEO fixes
  • PayPal IPN processing fixes

2016-11-05 Version

  • OC 2.3 compatibility for MultiMerch vendor modules
  • Product form enhancements

2016-11-01 Version 8.2

  • New payment system with plugin support for fees and payouts
  • PayPal Standard plugin
  • Bank Transfer plugin
  • PayPal Adaptive bugfixes
  • Messaging bugfixes
  • Social link fixes
  • Various bugfixes

2016-10-13 Version

  • Order total fix

2016-10-11 Version

  • OpenCart 2.3 compatibility
  • Shipping fixes
  • Various bugfixes

2016-10-09 Version

  • Various bugfixes

2016-08-18 Version

  • Minor fix for deleted categories
  • Minor bugfixes for missing vendor

2016-08-16 Version

  • Shipping support for PP Adaptive
  • Order product DB structure changes

2016-08-15 Version

  • SEO URL generator fixes
  • Language file cleanup
  • Shipping updates
  • Vendor balance fix
  • Language versioning

2016-08-09 Version

  • New multivendor shipping system
  • Minor bugfixes

2016-07-14 Version

  • Various bugfixes
  • Adaptive tax fix

2016-07-07 Version

  • Various bugfixes
  • Template redesign
  • Default limit changes
  • Product total fixes
  • vQmod fixes
  • CSS styling adjustments

2016-07-05 Version

  • Category selector redesign (multilevel category selector)
  • Review refactoring
  • Install/upgrade script updates
  • Minor bugfixes

2016-07-01 Version

  • Return updates
  • New rating/review system
  • Vendor profile redesign
  • Order status fixes
  • Template fixes
  • Styling fixes
  • Responsive tables
  • Tax caluclation fix
  • Template renderer fix

2016-06-14 Version

  • Base for vendor returns
  • Breadcrumb fixes
  • Controller refactoring
  • Attribute SQL fixes
  • Product question fixes
  • Dashboard fixes

2016-06-06 Version

  • New MultiMerch skeleton
  • Refactored class autoloader
  • Refactored models and controllers
  • Complete template design overhaul
  • New mailing system with template support
  • OpenCart 2.2 support
  • New template renderer
  • Class generator
  • Added product dimensions
  • Additional data selector
  • Product question system
  • Currency conversion fixes
  • Order total fixes
  • OCMOD compatibility


MultiMerch 7 for OpenCart 2.0

Multimerch 7.x was the first version of MultiMerch with support for OpenCart 2.

It introduced a full template redesign and controller overhaul to support OpenCart 2 and OCMOD.

MultiMerch 7 has been discontinued since 2016-06 with the release of MultiMerch 8.

2016-06-14 Version

  • Shipping updates
  • Minor fixes

2016-04-13 Version 7.7.5

  • Minor bugfixes
  • Vendor form updates

2016-03-18 Version 7.7.4

  • New validator class
  • Various bugfixes
  • Addon fixes

2016-03-07 Version 7.7.2

  • Indentation refactoring
  • Vendor profile modifications
  • Naming changes
  • Install/upgrade changes
  • Merged addon xmls
  • Setting refactoring
  • Data migration
  • Translations

2016-02-16 Version 7.6

  • Major refactoring
  • New vQmod hooks
  • MSUploader updates
  • File uploader modifications
  • Product form changes
  • Invoicing changes
  • Suborder modifications
  • CKEditor

2015-12-23 Version 7.3.1

  • Cleanup shipping/avatars
  • Configuration cleanup
  • Additional validation
  • Controllefix xml for 2.1
  • CSS styling fixes

2015-12-09 Version 7.2

  • Badge fixes
  • Redirect fixes
  • Installation / upgrade scripts
  • Refactoring mb_*

2015-10-29 Version 7.1.3

  • Mail fixes
  • vQmod refactoring
  • Suborder history
  • Vendor invoices
  • Interface restyling
  • Various validation
  • Vendor setting base
  • Filters

2015-06-20 Version 7.1.2

  • Social links
  • Suborders
  • New orderdata system
  • Addon > XT merge
  • Shipping fixes

2015-03-17 Version 7.1

  • Simple seller signup reverwite
  • Various OC2 fixes

2015-02-09 Version  7.0.2

  • Summernote
  • Banners
  • Bugfixes

2014-12-10 Version

  • Major OpenCart 2 conversion


MultiMerch 6 for OpenCart 1.5.x

MultiMerch 6 was the first version to offer a separate MultiMerch Core and a set of addons for extra functionality.


2014-08-11 Version 6.0

  • Major Core / Addon separation
  • Bugfixes


MultiMerch 5 for OpenCart 1.x

2014-07-16 Version 5.3

  • Suborder statuses

2014-06-26 Version 5.2

  • Interface redesign
  • Statistics
  • Bugfixes

2014-05-10 Version 5.0

  • Multivendor shipping system
  • Refactoring
  • Option updates
  • Bugfixes


MultiMerch 4

2014-02-07 Version 4.4

  • One page registration
  • Vendor ratings
  • PayPal MassPay
  • Simple payouts
  • Optimization
  • Bugfixes


2013-10-09 Version 4.2

  • New settings
  • Additional product fields
  • Product cloning
  • Bugfixes

2013-08-26 Version 4.1

  • New attributes
  • Vendor badges
  • New Rich Text Editor
  • Additional Translations
  • Vendor comments
  • Introducing DataTables
  • PayPal Adaptive
  • Various bugfixes
  • Messaging system


MultiMerch 3

2013-06-04 Version 3.0.1

  • Translations
  • SEO URL fixes
  • Bugfixes

2013-04-28 Version 3.0

  • New interfaces & icons
  • New listing / signup fee system
  • PayPal payments
  • New dashboard
  • Product form redesign
  • Various bugfixes


MultiMerch 2

2013-01-25 Version 2.2.1

  • Multiple languages
  • Payout updates
  • New uploader
  • Various bugfixes

2012-11-23 Version 2.0

  • Major controller rewrites
  • New autoloader
  • SEO URLs
  • Seller contact system
  • Admin area refactoring
  • Vendor groups
  • Commissions
  • Payouts / withdrawals
  • Permission system
  • Caching


MultiMerch 1

2012-07-11 Version 1.3

  • Various bugfixes

2012-06-01 Version 1.2

  • Various vendor modules
  • Bugfixes
  • Email notification system

2012-05-20 Version 1.1

  • Core module structures
  • Initial uploader
  • Basic transactions