What is MultiMerch PayPal Adaptive?
PayPal Adaptive for MultiMerch is a payment gateway that makes it possible for vendors to receive instant payouts on checkout via PayPal Adaptive payments. MM Adaptive supports Parallel and Split payments through the PayPal Adaptive API.

MultiMerch Adaptive is part of MultiMerch Complete Package.

1. Extract the MultiMerch Adaptive archive
2. Upload everything inside the upload/ folder to your OpenCart root
3. If you are using a custom theme, upload the contents of the upload/catalog/view/theme/default folder to your theme's folder
4. Install and configure MultiMerch Adaptive via Admin > Extensions > Payments > MultiMerch PayPal Adaptive [Install] / [Edit]

You can use PayPal Sandbox accounts and a demo application ID for testing purposes. When going live, you'll need to complete a PayPal application process as described in Going Live with Adaptive.

Once installed and enabled, PayPal Adaptive for MultiMerch replaces the standard process of making payments through seller balances and performing payouts to sellers manually. The payments to all parties happen on checkout through PayPal.

With Parallel payments, the buyer performs one payment that is instantly split between the sellers and the store owner. If configured for Chained payments, the buyer performs a single payment to the store owner’s PayPal account, which is then split between the sellers automatically.

Is PayPal Adaptive supported in my country?
Support for Adaptive varies between countries and accounts. Please contact PayPal support to make sure you are eligible for Adaptive API usage.