Product & vendor comments in MultiMerch

Starting with MultiMerch 8, vendor and product comments in MultiMerch are powered by the free Disqus system. This brings all of the benefits of an easy to use and managed commenting system and makes user experience smooth and straight forward.

Enabling Disqus comments

The marketplace owner can enable Disqus Comments via Admin > MultiMerch > Settings > Miscellaneous > Disqus Comments.

multimerch multivendor admin disqus

To use Disqus, you need to apply for a Disqus account and specify your shortname. For more information, see Disqus Documentation.


Commenting on vendor profiles and products

When comments are enabled and configured, a Disqus commenting interface will appear in vendor profiles and on the product page.

HP LP3065

No additional configuration is required. As the Disqus account owner, you'll be able to manage and moderate comments through the Disqus interface.


Do I have to pay for the Disqus account?
No, Disqus is a free commenting system.

How can I moderate comments?
You can moderate comments through the Disqus admin interface.

Will comments work on custom themes?
Yes, comment interfaces will get displayed on custom OpenCart themes. For more information about themes, see MultiMerch Themes documentation.