Product attributes in MultiMerch

Product attributes are static properties of a product. These don't affect its price and can't be selected by the customer, unlike product options.

For example, your marketplace may be selling a cotton shirt – here, product's Material is an attribute with Cotton being the attribute value.

Product attributes let customers gain additional information about a product such as its size, color, fit or dimensions and technical specifications.

Similar product attributes are grouped into attribute groups – for example, Color may be part of a Design attribute group while Memory size and Processor type could be grouped into Technical specifications.

MultiMerch lets your marketplace have two levels of attributes – global marketplace attributes and individual seller attributes.

Global product attributes are created by your staff and are available to all sellers.

Individual seller product attributes are created by sellers and are only available to them.

This makes it easier for you to run the marketplace – you can create a set of the most commonly used attributes and let sellers create their own ones should they wish to.


Managing product attributes as a seller

Sellers can create and manage their own product attributes by accessing the Attributes page via Account > Products > Manage selector.

The Attributes page lists all of seller's own product attributes and attribute groups.

Each product attribute has a name and belongs to one attribute group.

After a set of product attributes has been created, the seller will be able to use them when listing and modifying products.

Product attributes are then displayed to customers on product pages as product propetries.

In addition to providing basic information, product attributes can also be used for product filtering in categories and search results.


Attribute management by the marketplace administration

You can enable product attributes for sellers by switching on the Attributes product field in Admin > MultiMerch > Settings > Product publishing.

Here, you can also choose whether or not to allow sellers to create their own attributes.

When product attributes are enabled, the marketplace administrators will be able to view and manage them via the Attributes page in Admin > MultiMerch > Marketplace > Attributes.

Marketplace attributes and seller attributes are displayed in two separate tabs to make attribute management easier when both attribute types are enabled.