Product options in MultiMerch

Product options (or variations) are properties of a product that can be selected by the customer and can affect product's price.

Options are different from product attributes, which are static.

For example, your seller could be offering an iPhone X in two different colors – Black and Space Gray.

Here, Color is a product option with two values – Black and Space Gray.

MultiMerch supports different types of options:

  • dropdown selects and radio selects
  • checkboxes for multiple choice options
  • text and textarea options for customer's input
  • date and date/time options for dates

MultiMerch lets your marketplace have two levels of options – global marketplace options and individual seller options.

Global product options are created by your staff and are available to all sellers.

Individual seller product options are created by sellers and are only available to them.

This makes it easier for you to run the marketplace – you can create a set of the most commonly used options and let sellers create their own ones should they wish to.

Product option management for sellers

Sellers can create and manage their own product options by accessing the Options page via Account > Products > Manage selector.

The Options page lists all of seller's own product options – both active and inactive ones.

Sellers can create new options by using the New option button.

Depending on the option type, an option may or may not require the seller to create a set of values.

For example, select-type options will require values while input-type options will not.

After an option is created, the seller will be able to use it when listing products.

When attaching select-type options to products, sellers can specify a set of available option values and whether or not they affect this product's price.

Product options are then displayed to customers on product pages and can be selected when adding a product to cart.

Each product can have a limited quantity of each specific variation.


Option management for the marketplace staff

Product options for sellers can be enabled using the Options product field in Admin > MultiMerch > Settings > Product publishing.

You can also choose whether or not to allow sellers to create their own options and what option types are allowed – if disabled, sellers will only be able to use marketplace options.

When product options are enabled in MultiMerch, your marketplace administrators will be able to manage them via the Options page in Admin > MultiMerch > Marketplace > Options.

To make managing options easier, MultiMerch displays marketplace options and seller options in two separate tabs.