Reviews & ratings in MultiMerch

MultiMerch has a vendor & product review system that is similar to what Amazon and eBay offer to their customers. It allows customers to review & rate products from their past orders – it is then used by MultiMerch to determine vendor rating and reliability.

The updated MultiMerch review system is available starting with MultiMerch 8.0.

How it works

MultiMerch allows customers to leave feedback on past orders, which consists of a star rating and a description. This feedback is then used by MultiMerch to determine the reliability of the vendor that is visible to other customers. The process is as follows:

  1. The customer purchases one or more products from MultiMerch vendors
  2. After the order is completed, the customer is presented with an option to leave product feedback
  3. Vendor profiles and products have detailed feedback information available that is presented to marketplace visitors

Reviews need to be enabled throuth Admin > MultiMerch > Settings > Products > Reviews.

Leaving a review

After the customer has completed their order, they are presented with a "Leave feedback" button in their account. This redirects the customer to the MultiMerch review form.

reviews form

The review form allows the customer to specify a start rating and a detailed description of their experience with this order, product and vendor.

Product feedback

MultiMerch displays product reviews in a separate tab on the product page. This allows marketplace visitors to see what previous customers have to say about this product.

iPod Classic

MultiMerch also displays a star breakdown for each product. This makes it possible for visitors to see how reliable is the product and what's the proportion of positive and negative reviews from previous customers.

Vendor rating

In addition to product ratings, MultiMerch displays all feedback from vendor's products in a separate tab in vendor profiles. This lets the customer determine whether the vendor is reliable and can be trusted.

new profiles 2

This tab contains all feedback about all of vendor's products as well as the rating breakdown by stars and time. This makes it possible for customers to see how reliable has the vendor been in the past 1, 3, 6 and 12 months as well as in all time since registration.

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