MultiMerch SEO

MultiMerch Marketplace comes with its own SEO system to make all MultiMerch marketplaces optimized for search engines out of the box – no paid addons required.

MultiMerch SEO system makes it possible to use pretty URLs for all MultiMerch and OpenCart pages, automatically generates SEO meta tags and slugs for sellers, products and categories as well as enables Schema and Open Graph micromarkup on product pages for improved appearance in search results.

MultiMerch SEO is available since MultiMerch 8.10.


MultiMerch SEO is enabled and configured through Settings > SEO.

In addition to being able to enable or disable MultiMerch SEO system completely, you can specify base keywords for SEO URLs for product and seller pages. These define the URL template that MultiMerch will use to generate pretty URLs for sellers and products.

You need OpenCart's default .htaccess file enabled for MultiMerch SEO to work correctly.

Pretty URLs

SEO-friendly URLs are one of the main components of the MultiMerch SEO system. With MultiMerch SEO enabled, MultiMerch will turn OpenCart's regular URLs with the route parameter into pretty URLs which are friendly to your customers and search engines alike.

multimerch seo pretty urlsMultiMerch SEO converts the following MultiMerch and OpenCart pages to pretty URLs:

  • product pages
  • category pages
  • account pages
  • affiliate pages
  • information pages
  • list of sellers
  • seller profiles and stores
  • brands/manufacturers
  • cart
  • checkout
  • specials
  • vouchers
  • contact page
  • product comparison
  • search results
  • customer reviews

Here are a few examples of OpenCart URLs after MultiMerch SEO is enabled:


We recommend enabling MultiMerch SEO with our default settings for seller and product page URL templates.

Automatic meta and URL slug generator

By default, OpenCart lets you specify custom meta titles, descriptions and URL slugs (keywords) for your products. However, it takes quite a bit of effort to populate them manually.

multimerch seo fields

MultiMerch SEO will automatically generate these properties for all newly registered seller accounts and all products published by your sellers.

This saves your sellers the trouble of filling out an extra set of fields and keeps all of their products search engine friendly without any additional input from them.

When generating SEO properties, MultiMerch will use product name and description for meta title and description fields as well as seller's store name to generate the store URL for the seller. All disallowed characters will be stripped from newly generated meta fields.