Vendor badges in MultiMerch

MultiMerch supports vendor badges that allow the marketplace owner to create and assign badges (such as new vendor, top vendor, verified etc.) to individual vendors or different vendor groups.


How badges work

Vendor badges are images that are displayed in vendor profiles and on product pages. This works as follows:

  1. The marketplace owner creates a number of badges and uploads relevant images
  2. Badges can be assigned to individual vendors or specific vendor groups
  3. Vendor badges are then displayed in public vendor profiles

MultiMerch vendor badges can be enabled in Admin > MultiMerch > Settings > Sellers > Badges.


Creating vendor badges

The marketplace owner can create a set of vendor badges via Admin > MultiMerch > Badges. Each badge has a name and description as well as an image that will be displayed in vendor's profile.

multimerch multivendor admin badges

After the badges are created, the marketplace owner can assign them to individual vendors or vendor groups.


Assigning badges to vendors

Badges can be assigned to vendors in two different ways – directly to individual vendors or to vendor groups. This is done via Admin > MultiMerch > Sellers > Edit or Admin > MultiMerch > Seller Groups > Edit.

multimerch multivendor admin badges vendors

If a badge is assigned to a vendor group, all vendors that are part of the group will have the badge displayed in their profiles.

Displaying badges in vendor profiles

When a badge is assigned to a vendor or a group, it is displayed in vendor's profile automatically.

Vendor profile + integration pack

If the vendor has both individual and group badges, all of the badges will be displayed in their profile.


Can badges be assigned automatically?
At the moment badges can only be assigned to vendors manually. Automatic badge rules are on MultiMerch roadmap for one of the upcoming releases.

Where can I change the badge size?
Badge sizes can be adjusted in Admin > MultiMerch > Settings > Sellers > Badges > Badge size.

Will badges work on custom themes?
Yes, badges will get displayed on custom OpenCart themes. For more information about themes, see MultiMerch Themes documentation.