General questions

What is OpenCart?
OpenCart is a free and open source shopping cart solution. It comes with dozens of features and payment gateways and has a broad community of users and developers and over 10,000 of third party themes and extensions.

What is MultiMerch Marketplace?
MultiMerch is an extension to OpenCart that implements multivendor functionality for OpenCart stores. It allows other users to sign up as sellers / vendors and sell their own products from your store for royalties.

What are the requirements for running MultiMerch? What versions of OpenCart are supported?

- OpenCart 3 is not production-ready and therefore not yet supported by MultiMerch.

- OpenCart  is supported by MultiMerch 8. This is the latest version of MultiMerch available at the moment. We suggest you use OpenCart and MultiMerch 8 whenever possible.

- OpenCart 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 are supported by MultiMerch 8, but not recommended.

- OpenCart 1.x is not supported by MultiMerch.

To run MultiMerch Marketplace, you also need the latest vQmod for OpenCart installed and running. The latest version of vQmod is 2.6.x-opencart.

Both OpenCart and vQmod are available for free.

What is vQmod? Does MultiMerch require manual OpenCart core changes?
vQmod is an override system for OpenCart that lets you avoid manual OpenCart code changes. MultiMerch uses vQmod to modify OpenCart files where needed so that you don't have to manually modify any OpenCart files yourself.

Can I use MultiMerch without vQmod? I'll modify the OpenCart code myself!
It is technically possible, but we strongly discourage you from doing so. There is quite a bit of vQmod code in MultiMerch and it would take a lot of time and effort to integrate it into OpenCart manually. It will also make it extremely difficult to update OpenCart, MultiMerch and your theme. vQmod doesn't introduce any additional performance or security issues and can be safely used on both shared and VPS hostings, so there is no reason not to use it.

Can I use OCMOD instead of vQmod?
MultiMerch requires vQmod and doesn't support OCMOD due to its limitations. However, can use OCMOD alongside vQmod as they can be installed together.

How do I find out what version of MultiMerch I have?
Starting with MultiMerch 7.1.3, you can find complete information about your setup in Admin > MultiMerch > Debug.

If you don't have the Debug page, you can find your MultiMerch version in the beginning of the system/library/msloader.phpfile. It looks as follows:

public $appVer = "7.1.2";
public $dbVer = "";

Compatibility questions

Is MultiMerch compatible with custom OpenCart themes?
Please see our separate Custom Themes FAQ for all questions related to MultiMerch with custom themes.

Can I install a third party OpenCart extension on MultiMerch?
This depends on the extension itself. If it's a generic extension that doesn't have anything to do with sellers/vendors specifically, it'll most likely work with MultiMerch out of the box. This is because MultiMerch uses all the standard OpenCart database tables like products, orders or customers. If this is an extension that requires integration with sellers (e.g. adds something to seller areas, implements additional seller features and such), it'll need some custom-coding done first.

Is it possible to run MultiMerch on a Joomla installation using Mijoshop or Aceshop?
Running MultiMerch with Joomla is not possible out of the box. Joomla bridges for OpenCart like Mijoshop or Aceshop are known to implement OC core code changes that prevent MultiMerch from working correctly. It's possible to make them work together, but that requires custom modifications to MultiMerch and Joomla code.

Feature questions

Does MultiMerch support multiple currencies?
Yes, MultiMerch does support multiple currencies. It will use store's default currency for all seller-related transactions and any other OpenCart currency for displaying products and prices.

Does MultiMerch support different languages?
Yes, MultiMerch supports multiple languages. It's possible to translate all parts of MultiMerch including mails and admin interface. At the moment, we don't officially offer other languages, so you'll need to do that manually. Translating MultiMerch is a simple process, though, and doesn't require any particular skills or software.

Does MultiMerch support OpenCart's multistore system?
Yes, MultiMerch can be used in a Multistore environment.

Sellers / vendors

Does MultiMerch allow multiple sellers to register in my store?
Yes, this is the main idea of MultiMerch. It lets your users become sellers/vendors, list their products in your store and sell them, earning royalties.

Do sellers have access to the main OpenCart administration area?
No, MultiMerch provides a separate front office seller area where sellers can list products, view their orders and perform all other activities without having any access to the main administration area. Only you as the store owner have access to OpenCart admin.

What information can a seller specify?
Sellers can specify different information including description, location, company information and payment data. Additionally, they can upload avatar and banner images that will be displayed throughout the store.

Where is seller information displayed in the store?
MultiMerch displays seller information in different places throughout the store, including product page, cart & checkout. In addition to this, it also creates a separate page listing all sellers in the store and separate seller profile pages, as well as pages listing seller's products. Seller information is also displayed in order confirmation emails.

Can I manually approve newly registered sellers before they become active?
Yes, it's possible to set the seller validation setting to manual approval. In this case, you as the store owner will need to manually approve all registered sellers before their accounts become active and they can start selling products.


Can sellers create their own products?
Yes, MultiMerch makes it possible for sellers to create and sell their own products in your store. Products are created from the front office seller area and the process doesn't require any admin-area access.

What product fields can sellers use for their products?
MultiMerch makes it possible to use most of the basic product fields available in OpenCart by default, with some exceptions. Some specific fields like filters, recurring profiles and reward points aren't fully supported at the moment. There's also limited support for shipping-related product fields like size and dimensions. MultiMerch provides shipping support through a separate addon that implements those.

Can sellers use options and attributes for their products?
Sellers can assign options and attributes to their products, but only the ones that have been created by the store owner. There isn't a way for sellers to create their own options and attributes yet, but this feature is on the roadmap.

Is it possible to manually approve products created by sellers?
Yes, just like with seller account approval, it's possible to specify a manual product approval rule for specific sellers. In this case, the store owner will need to approve a product listed by the seller manually before it appears in the store.



What types of fees/commissions does MultiMerch support?
MultiMerch supports 3 types of fees: seller signup fee, product listing fee and sale fee. The fees can be either fixed or dynamic based on the product price (listing & sale). Fixed fee will make MultiMerch charge a fixed amount on product listing or sale while a dynamic rate will charge a percentage of the price the product was listed or sold at.

For more information on MultiMerch fee structure, see our documentation entry on fees: Fees & Commissions in MultiMerch

What is a product listing fee?
Product listing fee is charged by MultiMerch when a seller lists a product in the store. The rates can be set on a seller group level or for individual sellers. Listing fee can be charged in two ways - either by deducting the amount from seller's store balance or by paying it via PayPal during product listing.

What is a seller signup fee?
Seller signup fee is a fee that is charged when a seller signs up in your store. The rates are set on a seller group level. There are two ways for the seller to pay the signup fee - it can either be deducted from the initial seller balance or paid via PayPal on signup.

How sale fees work?
Sale fees are charged when a seller's product is sold from your store. The sale fee rate can be specified on a seller group level or for individual sellers and is charged by deducting the amount from the seller's store balance.


Payments and payouts

What is a payment flow in MultiMerch?
By default, with MultiMerch sellers receive their royalty payments for product sales indirectly. When a product is purchased, the payment gateway transfers the full order amount to the store owner while the sellers' royalty amount transactions are written to the database. Transactions form seller's store balance and the store owner then performs payouts to sellers manually based on the current store balance.

For more information on transactions and payment flow, see our documentation entry for transactions and balance: Transactions & Seller Balance.

What payment gateways are supported?
At the moment, all OpenCart’s standard payment gateways are supported for order payments in MultiMerch. This means you can use any OpenCart payment gateway as long as you as the store owner have an account with a corresponding payment system.

How are sellers paid?
Depending on MultiMerch configuration, sellers can either request a payout of part or all of their store balance or the store owner can perform a payout manually. A payout can be performed either using PayPal (Simple or MassPay) or using any other preferred payout method manually - in this case, the store owner transfers the funds to the seller manually and then deducts the amount from seller's store balance. Custom payment gateways aren't yet supported for payouts.


Purchase questions

How do I purchase MultiMerch?
Simply choose the product you're interested in (either MultiMerch Complete Package or one of MultiMerch addons), add it to cart and proceed to checkout. When the payment is completed, you'll receive a link to download your files.

What payment methods do you accept?
At the moment, we only support PayPal and credit card payments via PayPal. If you're looking for a different payment method, let us know.

I can't complete the checkout process.
Let us know and we'll sort it out!

I haven't received my download details.
Drop us an email with your order information and we'll send you the download.

What is your license and can I use MultiMerch on multiple stores?
MultiMerch is covered by the custom MultiMerch commercial license. Single copy of MultiMerch can be used on a single domain.

What is your refund policy?
If it turns out that MultiMerch is not for you, we'll be happy to offer you a refund within a 14 day period from your purchase date.

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