Installation process

Installing OpenCart

Please see the official OpenCart Installation guide for more information about installing OpenCart.


Installing vQmod for OpenCart

Please see the official vQmod Installation guide for more information about installing vQmod.

Don't forget to execute vQmod installation script at after copying the files – this step is required for vQmod to work!


Downloading and preparing MultiMerch files

Depending on which version of MultiMerch you'll be using, you need to download the MultiMerch archive in a zip file from your account on MultiMerch website or OpenCart Marketplace.

MultiMerch archive file is called multimerch_marketplace with a version number, e.g.

Make sure you are installing the correct version of MultiMerch for your version of OpenCart. OpenCart 1.x is not compatible with the latest MultiMerch 8.x.

Once you extract the archive file, you will see a folder called upload/ that contains all MultiMerch files that need to be uploaded to your server. If you are using a renamed administration folder in your setup, rename the upload/admin/ folder before proceeding.


Uploading MultiMerch files

Copy or upload (via FTP) MultiMerch files and folders from inside the upload/ directory to the OpenCart installation directory on your server. Make sure you are uploading the files inside the upload/ folder, not the archive file or the upload/ folder itself, as this will not work. Your FTP client will merge the contents of the folders automatically.

Checking permissions

Make sure your web server has write permissions (usually 755 or 775) on the image/ folder. MultiMerch will need to create a few subfolders during installation.

Installing MultiMerch

Install MultiMerch via Admin > MultiMerch > Install. This step is mandatory as it creates database tables that are required for MultiMerch to work.

admin multimerch install

Finishing up

That's it! MultiMerch Marketplace should now be installed. If you are using a custom theme in your store, please see our Custom Themes FAQ for more information about making your theme work with MultiMerch.


Please see our Common Problems page for a full list of common issues and solutions.

Uninstalling MultiMerch

To uninstall MultiMerch, perform the following steps:

  1. Delete all files from the vqmod/xml/ folder that begin with multimerch_.
  2. Uninstall MultiMerch via Admin > Extensions > Modules > [MultiMerch] Digital Marketplace > Uninstall.