Themes in MultiMerch

MultiMerch is powered by OpenCart and can be used with OpenCart themes.

This guide covers the process of using MultiMerch with custom themes

MultiMerch with OpenCart themes – the basics

Theme architecture

Themes let you change the design and style of your MultiMerch marketplace.

MultiMerch seller accounts, profiles and stores are located in the front store area of your marketplace – this means installing a custom theme will change the look and feel of your seller accounts, profile and store pages.

Since seller stores and profiles are all located inside your marketplace, they will all use the same theme as your marketplace


Theme compatibility

MultiMerch templates use Bootstrap are designed to be as compatible with third party OpenCart themes as possible.

However, MultiMerch is a complex extension with hundreds of features and templates and OpenCart themes often have dozens of custom features as well.

In addition to this, OpenCart doesn't have a strict theme framework – this means themes don't always use the same code structure and often use completely custom frameworks in place of OpenCart's Bootstrap.

All of this means that in most cases, most of the third party themes will need MultiMerch compatibility verified and implemented on three different levels:

  • initialization – does the theme work with MultiMerch at all?
  • look and feel – do MultiMerch-specific seller pages look good?
  • features – does MultiMerch work with custom theme's features, such as checkout plugins, blog systems and others?

If you have a developer on your team, we offer a few technical guides and resources to help you go though a theme compatibility process.

In addition to this, we have a list of partner themes where we've partnered with theme developers to create and maintain our own compatibility files.

Partner themes

Partner themes are themes that our team maintains compatibility with.

This generally means that we've taken care of most of MultiMerch compatibility issues with these specific themes – and are updating our integration files on a regular basis for new MultiMerch and theme versions.

As of 2018, MultiMerch partner themes include:

  • Basel
  • Journal
  • Technopolis
  • Pavilion
  • Shoppica
  • Organie
  • Trendo
  • Kiddos
  • MoneyMaker2

We recommend using one of these themes for your marketplace in most cases to minimize the amount of integration work for your team.


MultiMerch partner themes

This is the complete list of MultiMerch partner themes.


Basel is the new addition to the list of MultiMerch partner themes.

It is a great minimalist multipurpose theme with a dozen of different skins that will work best for accessory, fashion and high end electronics marketplaces.


Journal is the most popular OpenCart theme and the oldest theme supported by MultiMerch.

It is also the most popular generic multipurpose OpenCart themes.

Journal uses a custom framework and therefore is a complex one when it comes to MultiMerch compatibility – nevertheless, we maintain Journal compatibility files.


Pavilion is one of the minimal themes by ThemeBurn best suited for accessory and fashion marketplaces.

It is compatible with MultiMerch via our ThemeBurn compatibility files.


Pavilion is ThemeBurn's theme best suited for electronics marketplaces that is compatible with MultiMerch via our ThemeBurn compatibility files.


Shoppica is another multipurpose theme by ThemeBurn similar to Pavilion – also supported by MultiMerch.


Organie is a beautiful theme by ThemeBurn best suited for "green" organic and grocery marketplaces.


Kiddos is a ThemeBurn theme designed for toy and kids clothing marketplaces.


Trendo is a ThemeBurn theme for clothing and fasion marketplaces which is compatible with MultiMerch via ThemeBurn compatibility files.


MoneyMaker2 is a multipurpose theme created by a Russian developer that is best suited for online marketplaces in Russian.

It is compatible with MultiMerch as well as with OCStore – the Russian localization of OpenCart.