What are MultiMerch theme compatibility packages?

MultiMerch is designed to work with custom OpenCart themes out of the box.

However, there are hundreds of OpenCart themes out there. Since there's no single standard for creating OpenCart themes, it's up to theme developers to keep their theme clean, well designed and compatible with OpenCart layouts.

Recently, one of OpenCart core developers has put together a list of themes grouped by their code quality – check it out for more information: Why are there so many terrible themes for OpenCart in 2016?

Unfortunately, many third party themes for OpenCart are poorly coded and maintained – this includes performing things such as replacing OpenCart core files, unnecessary copying default template files, requiring you to run manual SQL scripts, using their own grid systems and frameworks and so forth.

This may cause styling issues on MultiMerch pages since MultiMerch is built with OpenCart's default theme and Bootstrap framework in mind.

Most of custom theme issues with MultiMerch can be ironed out in a few hours to a few days with a bit of development knowledge– we've created our custom theme Intstallation and Integration guide specifically for this reason.

However, we now offer out-of-the-box compatibility packages for the most popular themes. These packages consist of extra stylesheets and vQmod xml files that fix the most common issues for each particular theme. In most cases, these issues include broken sidebars, missing vendor information, overflowing layouts and minor things like this, as well as broken theme-specific features such as Journal's Quick Checkout.

Do compatibility packages guarantee 100% theme compatibility with MultiMerch?

No. There can be dozens of different versions of each particular theme, OpenCart and MultiMerch, as well as hundreds of third party plugins and custom modifications that can affect your layouts and cause styling issues.

However, installing a theme compatibility pack will fix most of the common problems each particular theme has with MultiMerch. This will ensure you don't have to spend your time fixing issues like broken layouts, missing vendor information and grid display problems.

Do you offer free priority support and bugfixes for compatibility packages?

No. While we do update our compatibility packages on a regular basis to maintain compatibility with theme updates, we do not provide free support for custom themes and compatibility packages.

You can still report custom theme and compatibility issues to our support team. We will log bug reports related to custom themes and include them in the next compatibility bugfix release.

Can you provide an example of how an compatibility package can benefit my store?

Sure. Here are some examples of OpenCart running MultiMerch and Journal2 with and without the Journal2 compatibility package for MultiMerch.

Journal is one of the themes that use their own grid system instead of OpenCart's Bootstrap, therefore it doesn't look pretty with MultiMerch out of the box. MultiMerch & Journal2 compatibility pack fixes this.

Which themes do you have compatibility packages for?

As of 2018, MultiMerch partner themes include:

  • Basel (13 skins)
  • Journal 3

We recommend using one of these themes for your marketplace in most cases to minimize the amount of integration work for your team.